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Increasing Pain...brought on more by heels?!

I'm waiting for a laparoscopy now in about two weeks, and I've been in daily constant pain for months, but over the last two-ish weeks it has got worse.

I wore a pair of small heeled boots for about two weeks ago as well; for at the most three hours, and the pain had massively intensified by the end of that night, and just seems to have stayed, where the one time I wore heels before the pain had lessened.

The pain is so intense now its the first thing I feel from the second I wake up now, more than it was before, and just isn't going away now :(

Is this normal? (The pain threshold - as well as how has heels made it worse?!)

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You may have heard that heels make your bum look better this is because what they essentially are doing is making you walk on your tip toes. Now ballet dancers go on pointe and this doesn't require muscles in the feet (it requires flexibility in them) but it requires muscles in your core. Your core is built up of your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor. When your wearing heels your using the same muscles as a ballerina (but not as much) however since your pelvic floor is already (probably) overworked (it tenses when your in pain) and wearing heels will aggravate this pain since your working those muscles well their already tensed up.

You may have also heard about how ballerinas need high arches in order to dance in pointe shoes, if you have flat feet heels are sure to aggravate pain and are bad for your back. I have high arches and my pain gets horrible if I wear flats.

Your body may also be hard wired to pain due to you being in so much pain for so long your brain is htowired to your nervous system. What can calm this down is stroking, with 3 fingers stroke your legs up and then the rest of your body horizontally. If anything to tickles go slower. This will train your brain to pay less attention to your nervous system.

Speaking of Tory nervous system your nerves are really close to each other you might've felt a pulling in your foot which is a sign of a irritated nerve and that might've just traveled up. Roll your feet on a frozen water bottle or tennis ball.

You can also try physiotherapy tape which will stop muscles from getting inflamed. It's really helped me with back pain, apply like the video, rip it in the centre then pull the paper facing the tape over itself (it'll show in the video)

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Very informative reply :) I only wore them once before and due to the discomfort after I've only been wearing flats for months, it was just an xmas meal, and they aren't exactly high or pointy and as I was predominately going to be sat down I thought I'd be safe - obviously I was wrong! :P

I'll definitely be trying the rubbing my leg thing, it feels like everything is just super sensitive at the minute, all my pain is at the top of my right leg, but not, - if that makes sense, that general area anyway. It's just strange how much my body and general health has changed so dramatically suddenly! :(

Thank you for all the tips, and the video, I really appreciate it xx

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I understand the change completely I'm 17 and in February I was a contemporary dancer who could go on pointe, I worked out, was learning parkour, in international courses (now in home school) and then I got my period that month and everything went downhill. But then again I had periods for almost 9 years by then (10 now) and they weren't painful till February (except when I had cysts burst) it was more so bowel and bladder issues which I wish weren't normal sooner. I wish people talked about periods more b/c then I would've known better.


Awww I'm very sorry to hear that :(

And especially the particular type of activities you were doing.

Are you having an operation? Is there any chance after that you could continue?

I just worked in a restaurant alongside uni, and been stood up for 5-8 hours at a time, carrying plates and trays became impossible for me :( x

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I'm doing physiotherapy and having surgery in a few months but the gyno I have siad that if it's there it's probably going to be a bad case, there's like no excision surgeons here in Canada either but she said she knows how to and dislikes just burning it off.

Hopefully after surgery you'll be able to go back, make sure to go on a progesterone pill if you can after since it can help with the endo not returning (from what I've heard).

But I've also heard the surgery is amazing.

I'm hoping to become an endo gyn b/c there's so many people with it and it takes so long to diagnose it makes no sense to me why there aren't speacility doctors all over.

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