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Fed up and knowing to talk to!

Hi everyone im feeling so low! I'm 22 and was diagnosed with endo at 18. I have it mild but I have terrible symptoms. I am struggling a lot at the moment I feel I've knowing to talk to who is going through that I am going through. My tummy has ballooned today, I am on gnhy annologue injections that stops my menstral cycle and take HRT to help with the side effects of the injection! I'm at a stage were I feel so low I'm at university and had to take a years break due to my endo. I've had 2 laps and endo was there both times. I just want to talk. Thanks guys x

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Don't let it get you down!!

I know how you feel, I'm the same age and have had to break from uni myself whilst I try to get diagnosed. You feel like your life is stuck on pause!! I've tried to keep up some reading and start my dissertation now so it's less stressful when I go back. But some days i'm just too exhausted! Try and keep positive!! That's half the battle!!

Hope you're pain free atleast xxx


Hi I'm in the sam position as you. I am consedering of leaving my course as I can't concentrate any more because of my terible pain. I have been waitng 9 months now to do my lap operation but up to now no appointment. my advice to u just is dont let it get u down,just think positive and always take your pain killers before the pain come. make an alarm for every medication u have to take.

lots of love.


Thanks so much :) nice to know I'm

Not alone, but sorry you are going through the same. I do get pain and random bleeding now :( I get bloated bad legs and extremely tired n feel like shit tbh! I look pregnant today and that's Becuz was unwell with it last night . I wish there was a supper group in my area but there isn't. I am back at Uni and have been since march I'm now in year3 and have 2 assignments and my dissertation to do. I feel so stressed with it all. Thanks for ur help xxx


I tend to find all my symptoms worsen when I'm stressed so please try not to get too worked up. Have you tried following some of the diet? I know a few women on here have mentioned how it's really helped them with bloating etc. I'm seriously considering going back to university part time but am unsure if I can afford to do it that way. Have you spoken to your tutors to see if there is any extra help you can get? I found most of mine really helpful when I explained what was going on xxx

Keep smiling xxx


My tutor is lovely she understands Becuz she had endo but had a hysterectomy in the end. But tbh the others don't understand, I am really struggling with my dissertation in due in in April . I just can't focus. No hun not reli thought much about the diet side of things I don't no what to do for the best. Xxxx thank you U2! Xxxx


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