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painful sex a symptom?


I have had painful periods for years eventhough on pill and also really heavy ones. often clots come too which can be scary. the GP thinks its endometriosis so am having key hole surgery on Wed. I am a bit unsure what to expect and if I really do have this. the thing is I have been having painful sex and the last few times it is so bad he cant go in as am screaming with pain... is this to do with the same thing? thanx.

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hi painful sex is another symptom of endometriosis amongst many others, good luck for your diagnostic surgery and I hope if they find endometriosis they will be able to treat xx

This symptom is what finally lead to my stage four endometriosis finally being diagnosed, and the painful sex might mean that it is attached to your intestines or growths in the pouch of douglas. When you go for surgery, people will downplay it as nothing, but it is best to be advised before. The surgery will cause pain and swelling after, you will have a sharp pain in between your shoulder blades an some discomfort or difficulty breathing easily for a week afterwards because sometimes there is some residual air left in the abdominal cavity, which might irritate your diaphram. I was peticularly bad, and was rushed back into hospital a few days later because I couldnt breath well at all. I panicked, hyperventillated and went into shock. Also get yourself prepared for wednesday. Pack really baggy and loose clothes for after the op because you wont be able to bare anthing touching your stomach. Take something with you to take to stop you feeling sick, because when you wake from the anasthetic, you feel very sick indeed. Buy loads of ready meals, or cook loads of soup etc before you go in too, because you will not want to prepare food after, you will just want to spend at leasta week in bed. Eat light after and drink plenty of fluids, so you dont tax your intestines and cause yourself more pain. Buy a hot water bottle or heat pack, which will ease the discomfort after. Try and stick to like a vegan diet for 1-2 weeks after, because meat and dairy cause inflamation, and you wont really be needing any more. If you live alone and have pets, try to arrange for someone to call around and help you, or take your dog for a walk, and make sure you do your shopping, so that you have everything you might need before. Also, some women supposedly bleed heavily after this operation, so ensure that you also have a good stock of sanitary pads in :)

Hi i had this symptom everytime me and my hubby had sex! but i had a lap in November and since then iv been soo much better. since November i have only had 1 episode of painful sex so i can cope with that:) so sorry to hear its so painful for you and i know how much it hurts.

Okay thank you for the advice! The op sounds bad for afterwards but then if it makes me better it will be worth it :) as i have pain between periods, bowel problems amongst othrs and so i hope it deals with this. I am scared though as am 21 and want lots of children in the future..... having this doesnt effect the chance by much does it? x

I'd advise you to drink peppermint tea post op - I didn't get any trapped wind problems. I hope this will be the case for you too. A laparoscopy brings with it normal symptoms of any operation. Hope you get sorted x

DeeDeeOT in reply to jc001

Peppermint tea does wonders, I too drink it!, :-) x

Hi there I'm 22 and was diagnosed with endo when I was 18 I have has 2 laps to confirm this. To be honest I am suffering a lot at the moment and one of my main symptoms is painful sex it's agony ! Iv been with my bf 6 years he's been fab and always stood by me. I cry a lot Because of the pain , to be totally honest if rather not have sex at all. I worry about this thinking he'll leave me because not having sex a lot isn't normal I always thought. I would love children also and I'm think of starting to try soon. They say the sooner u start trying the better as you don't no how long it will take or even if u will concive naturally. It's hard hun And I'm glad ur having a lap to look into things. Don't worry to much I felt released to have a diagnosis as the dr fobbed me off for 2 years saying its me and I'm not relaxing! Lol good luck xxxx

awwh no he wouldnt leave you for having no sex if he truely loved you which it sounds like he does. i have only been with my bf for 6 months but yet he seems so understanding and we do otherstuff...mainly due to pain i do things to him so it is still healthy. we are lucky to have understanding bfs. yes, i hope they will sort it out for me as have been having problems for far too many years xxx

That's good then hun he seems to understand and be standing by you :) yes I'm very sure he does it just gets me down at times. I'd love a baby but how can I try when sexis agony. That's what upsets me. Good luck with your lap if you need any advise or a chat I'm more than happy to talk xx

this is true, but there are always options such as ivf which could come free as there is a reason. doesnt the painful sex reduce after the op though? xxx


Firstly, I hope the lap goes well for you. But I wanted to say not to worry too much (I know easier said than done). I had a lap last July and was diagnosed with endo. I just wanted to say that post-op isn't too bad and definitely not as bad as i was expecting. I found the pain in my shoulders worse than my stomach.

I would make sure you've got everything you need before the op as it is difficult to move around for a few days after and you shouldn't push it too hard. However I would recommend trying to move around a little when you feel you are able - I wouldn't recommend staying in bed for the week after. You will be sore but I did start moving around a couple of days after surgery and even walked a couple of miles a week after - I would do anything to be able to take those horrid DVT socks off! But don't push it too hard, and only do what you feel you are able to.

Good luck xx

Thank you so much for this advice. it is good to know what to expect because the doctors don't seem to want to tell me much information at all!!! i have no idea what i will be feeling afterwards so great to hear all this info from different people :) xx

Hello!! I to have pain on during sex, this is how I first discovered I had Endo. I have another condition and take medication for that which had been surpressing my endo pain. The hideous pain during sex prompted me to visit my doctor.. otherwise I may have been none the wiser for a few years more.

Your problem does sound like your being affected by the endo, with that and the thought of painful sex it won't be helping your state of mind etc. Sending out a virtual hug :) xx

Hi deedee hope you don't mind me asking but how do you cope with the pain? I find it so hard it really gets me down . It's agony :( xxxx

hi! hope your op goes well it isn't as scary as you think, just make sure you have plenty of rest and someone to help look after you for a few days.

I have the same problem, i'm 20 , having my second lap this year and the pain is agonizing with sex. It's made me worried to start dating again but hopefully this second lap will clear it up! i've heard alot about steriod injections you can get afterwards? may be worth asking the doctor about that as after my first one the endo came straight back because my doctor was awful .. hope it all goes well, good luck! x

okay thank you :) I hope you second op clears it up and i hope i wont need another one!!! xxx

Hi, yes painful sex is one symptom. Took me a while of keeping a pain and period diary after my op to discover that sex is painful between ovulation and the start of your period. Especially a few days before! At other times it is less of an issue. Good luck x

Hi girls,

Alot of you have mentioned the pain in the chest or back, I was rushed in with this and no matter what they did, it wouldn't go....oddly enough I was told to drink flat coca cola. Buy it fresh and open it up, all the fizz will escape but then shake it up and open it a few times through the day and by the time its night time it should be flat or almost flat but just to make sure leave till the next day. It tastes odd but it works and after 2 days it was gone. so buy lots of coca cola and drink it flat and it goes! A qualified nurse told me this and I thought she was crazy but trust me :)

Good luck and love to you all,

Leya xxx

it is scary but your one step closer to knowing a little more...and if i knew that about coke wen i had mine...i would defo of

I have had painful sex for about four years now it came crashing down last week, after sex i have not stop bleeding the pain come and go It is very scary because i do not know why this is happening, it is as if every thing i knew about this has changed. I get pain all month if i have sex between day 1-3 after my period, if i avoid those day it usually good but now it seems the pain just decide by the day where to turn up.

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