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Been called in for op on Wednesday!!!

The secretary of my surgeon rang today and offered me next Wednesday for my repeat lap. Apparently there has been a cancellation and my GP has asked that my appointment gets priority. My GP always goes above and beyond for me and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

But....... I am scared now. I know that this is silly as it's what I need and I know that if I feel anywhere near as good as I did last time it will be so worth it. Can't shake this fear though!! It's specifically about that moment when the anaesthetist put the needle in the back of my hand!!!!!!

Please ladies, any tips to calm me down. Anybody ever experienced a painless back of the hand stab??


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I understand 100% your fears, I was like that for both my laps. Make sure you ask the anaesthetist (when he comes to see you in your room before lap) for tablets that will relax you. And believe me when you go into that room for the needle etc part, you will be just fine. i was so relaxed and high :p that i was even making jokes with the doctor before the full anaesthesia. ;)

And remember, a keyhole operation is considered a very routine one, so you will be fine.

Good luck and I wish you a speedy recovery :)

Jo x


A friend of mine had a needle phobia (mainly because she has very damaged veins from chemotherapy and nobody cn ever get blood from her)

When she spoke to the anaesthetist prior to her last op, he said he woud give her a whiff of anaesthetic to put her to sleep and they would find a vein while she was out--it was a perfect solution for her and really helped her fear.


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