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Been to pre op

Feeling a bit gutted really, found out I'm last on the list, I know someone has to be etc but they said to expect to go to theatre about 4.30pm, and that the chances of me having to stay over are higher because of the late op. I have to be there at 12 o clock and once I've rung the bell to be let onto the ward then whoever is with me will have to leave so I'm probably gonna be sat there for 4 and a half hours feeling like my throat has been cut.

They also said that I will find everything out at my follow up appointment 6-8 weeks after the operation, as that's when I will get the results from biopsy etc.

Just needed to get it out! Thank god I've got some wine in!

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Aww I know how you feel when I had my diagnostic lap I was last on the morning list so went in at 7 and didn't go to theatre until about 12:30. During your waiting time you will prob be called in to meet various people and get asked the same questions over and over. Tedious but passes the time. Take magazines/books with you to pass the time. I would double check that you can't have someone with you. My husband was allowed to stay with me until I went to theatre but I guess each hospital is different.

The surgeon should come to you when you wake up and give you a quick rundown of any findings. I hate that they do this as you are still groggy from surgery then but try and grab on to any info he tells you. I tried really hard to ask questions but left feeling a bit confused. My discharge doc stated stage 4 endo and frozen pelvis so I did some googling and asked about it on here to understand it more. Nobody said how long I'd wait for my appointment with the endo specialist so a week after surgery I made some calls to the hospital and found out the number for his secretary. Called her and explained I knew what they found but was very confused by it all. She kindly said she'd contact bookings and get me an appointment in clinic to see the specialist asap. I was in seeing him the following week! Seeing him 2 weeks after the op I thought was normal until he said wow your lucky I don't normally see anyone until a couple months after!!!! I guess what I'm saying is don't suffer in silence. Ring and pester and you will hopefully not wait too long. I've had to go alot more ringing and pestering recently as since diagnosis in nov last year I've been waiting for my next op with the endo surgeon & bowel surgeon. Finally I'm having it on the 12th May but if I hadn't called and just left it I still wouldn't have a date as it's not easy getting these 2 surgeons free at the same time.

Best of luck with the op. Let us know how you get on.xxx

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I went in at 7 and didn't go down till 430. Xxx


This is the exact same thing that happened to me! Sounds like the same hospital!

I was last on the list for a laparoscopy, had to arrive for 12pm and was told I would be going down to theatre at 4.30pm, and also that my husband would not be able to stay with me as it was a female only ward.

When I got to the ward I was given a side room so my husband was able to stay with me all day after all. There was a TV in the room so that passed the time.

I went to theatre at 4.30pm and was out by 6.30pm and home by 9.30pm. As long as you can drink, eat, walk around and go to the toilet the nurses will do whatever they can to get you home the same day.

My follow up appointment was also 6 weeks after my op, but because I was last on the list the Consultant had time to see me in recovery and tell me what was found. So that was one very big perk to being last on the list.

You will be fine im sure :)


Thank you for your replies ladies, it means a lot.

In a way I cant wait to get it over and done with but then again im kinda dreading it which im sure all you ladies understand. :-)


Oh no, now really worrying about my own laparoscopy :( I'm worried that they might not let my boyfriend stay. Sounds really silly but I am a survivor of sexual assault (hospital are aware, my file is red-flagged) and anything gynaecological or involving loss of control over my own body really upsets/traumatises me. Obviously I will have to get the lap done but having my boyfriend there would really help when I wake up. :s do you reckon it's worth phoning the hospital to check?


It can't do any harm giving them a ring, at least it gives you time to come to terms with it if your boyfriend isn't allowed to stay with you. I'm gonna be in a room with 2 others ladies so maybe they can sort you out a room on your own maybe.

Seems each hospital has different ways of doing things so yeah I would ring and check what there policy is.

When do you have your pre op?


They did all the pre-op stuff at the appointment with the consultant, they said they might ring for some clarification if they need to, so I don't think I will have a pre-op appointment. All I know is that the lap is in the next 6-8 weeks - was going to ring them next week if I didn't receive a letter with a date anyway. x


Argh, just had my pre-op phonecall. They asked me all the questions and then said they were planning to do my operation in a hospital 1 1/2 hours away on the bus (including a half hour walk because I would be able to do that after a lap!). Was so shocked and trying to explain to them that there's no way I could get there and really need it done in the hospital actually near me, but completely forgot to ask about whether my boyfriend could be with me! And they didn't leave me with a number :s x


Hospitals do vary enormously. My sister had a lap and told me all the guidelines and the way things worked at her hospital and mine were completely different. At the pre-op I was told I would be top of the list due to other issues I have. Then on the day was told I would be second. Finally ended up second to last and yet no-one came to tell me I'd go later and finally went around 5pm in a very bad mood. Got very cross when one of the nurses told me I could have taken some additional painkillers part way as I was waiting longer. Thanks for telling me now it's too late! Although in so much pain by then they would have been as effective as Smarties! It seemed to me that the surgeon really decides on the day. I was irritated about it as I get very severe back and hip pain when sitting and was just in an ordinary open waiting room with everyone and their families running around and I had to keep my bag with my 'just in case' overnight things with me. My husband could be there at the time too fortunately as I can't carry much. I took an ereader (Kindle) with me so I could have a range of reading material. There were reclining chairs but even they were still extremely painful for me to use and most of them got pinched by the family of one patient (really selfish beggars) when I was called to see the surgeon, then later the anaesthetist etc where you get to repeat yourself each time in answer to the same questions. Best they all know about you directly I suppose. I ended up being kept in overnight but only because I was tachycardic after the op and not for any other reason. I did try very hard to try and persuade them to let me leave! Ended up being quickly stuck on a drip while still in the hospital gown as I think they realised they needed to tether me to something fast before I leaped over the wall and away (not literally - I use a walking stick!). So didn't get a chance to wear the 'just in case' nightie specially found for the hospital! Husband was allowed with me until taken for surgery. I then didn't see him again until 8.30pm as no-one remembered to tell him I was out of surgery and I kept on saying 'please call my husband' as I knew how worried he'd be. Finally when the night shift came on the night nurse looking after me went straight off to call him. Worked against me as he joined in the campaign to keep me in over night (bah). Poor man - all the reception staff had gone home and he didn't know who to ask and he was the only one waiting. He'd been just about to phone the hospital to see if he could get any info that way even though he was still standing in the building! They are at least very good about pain control if you have to stay in. I was quite ill in the end but not due to endo or the operation per se, I react to the plasticisers in PVC (the chemicals that make PVC flexible), got an infection as I always do at the slightest cut, a fever and along with the tachycardia felt very ill. In recovery you get given lovely Fentanyl (fast acting but short lasting but they keep topping you up) and then I got lovely morphine through the night. Apparently someone did come to see me in recovery to tell me the results of the op but I couldn't stay awake for them. My opinion is that they should come along later then! I watched them talking to someone else after me who wasn't taking it in either. Ridiculous. I didn't get to see anyone until about 1.30am after making a fuss about it and they blamed me for not being awake enough earlier. Not exactly MY fault! Sorry it's a long drawn out response but I hope there is something in there that is of some use!! Dx


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