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I've been bleeding for 3 weeks but it's getting heavier!!


I've always been heavy and can bleed for weeks but since Sunday I've been passing large clots the size of Palm of my hand I can feel them come out (sorry tmi)

I'm washed out could sleep all day now it's night I can't sleep! I'm using so many pads it's costing me a fortune,and today I've noticed my hands were shaking?? I'm waiting for my op to remove endo cyst and some of bowel, but should I see someone about this soon?

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Yes Definately as when I had bleeding like that I kept going until I pretty much collapsed and ended up in hospital having a blood transfusion! Speak to your GP who can give you Noristerone which will stop the bleeding. Good luck with the op :-)

Please phone your GP. You can't go on like that x

You also need you iron count checked. I'm always on iron tablets due to the clots xx

Sorry to hear that you are having such a hard time. Please go to your doctors as soon as possible or if you can't get to them then give them a call. Your body needs help and if you carry on like this you could end up passing out. I hope things improve soon for you


Lolaloo you need to phone your Dr, the clots themselves arn't anything to worry about but they are a sign you are bleeding heavily, I bleed for 10 days every month with loads of clots and as a consequence I suffer with chronic anaemia so I know how you feel as I practically live on iron tablets because I'm still totally drained to the point of exhaustion.

Give them a phone, they're is loads of things they can give you to calm or stop the bleeding and you will need iron to build you back up but it's not a quick fix I'm afraid as it can be a long process to restore depleted iron levels x

My drs has a training day Wednesday afternoon I'm just on hold with 111 he keeps asking if I have pain in my arm shoulder which I do what's the connection?

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