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Awaiting endometrial ablation and excision of endo surgery has anyone else found this to have helped?


I saw my consultant yesterday and discussed further surgery options, seems I don't have many options as my bowel and uterus are stuck together so can't have the hysterectomy I'd hoped for.

I'm now awaiting to have endometrial ablation and removal of adhesions on ureters along with endo removal. I have stage 4 severe endo extensively, I'm 39 yrs old and are very lucky to have 2 children. If this surgery helps then I will be very relieved, otherwise it might mean a stoma for me.

If anyone has had similar experiences I'd love to hear how you got on.


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hi there

i was told last november there was a high risk of me coming out of theatre with a stoma due to my bowel bladder ureter and kidney all stuck together due to my endo, my surgeon was shocked at how bad my insides are as he was inside my stomach at the start of the year, so he told me to prepare myself for waking up with a stoma. However when i was in theatre my bowel surgeon gynae surgeon and urology surgeon managed to unstick my bowel remove part of it and re-join it back without my having to have a stoma. Im not endo free but i got some relieve with them operating. Adhesions make the pain worse theres no doubt about that will depend how bad your adhesions are and how stuck down your other parts are which will determine how much they can take away.

Good luck x


I had my removed fallopian tube stump stuck to my bowel and glued up into my stomach. I had

laparoscopy and hysteroscopy where they removed as much as was safe to do so due to close proximity to bowel. It was more complex than anticipated and I spent 3/4 days in hospital but I did not require a stoma this time. So, there is always a chance you may manage to avoid one and even if you do it is usually only temporary. All the best.


Thanks for your replies, it's good to know that things might get better!


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