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Did anyone have any unexpected benefits after radical excision of endo??

Did anyone have any unexpected benefits after radical excision of endo??

I had my endo radically excised recently and I am amazed by how well I feel. I didn't realise how much endo was wearing down my body. I have always had soft brittle short nails and suddenly they are strong and long. I painted them for the first time in ages yesterday and couldn't believe they were my nails! My skin is glowing and my hair isn't shedding so much or getting greasy so quickly. I also have lost loads of weight even though I'm currently sedentary. My husband said my face used to get puffy and now it isn't. I'm so shocked by these extra benefits! Did anyone else experience similar side effects of having endo completely excised ?

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Strangely I have too been looking at my nails! I thought this morning that they have never been this long. I had my op (radical excision and bowel re-section) on the 18th June but still feel very fatigued - I was expecting this to lift after the op but perhaps it's still early days.

Did you have the stents in the urethra? I was told that I shouldn't be able to feel these but something is digging in like a knife when I pee (not a UTI). Any ideas as the GP isn't interested & I'm not seeing the urologist until the 17th July.


Ouch that sounds painful. I didn't have a stent but I was warned that I could have bladder discomfort for at least 6 months after the op. It is comforting to have been told this as I would be worrying something was wrong. Sometimes it does hurt to pee but I find the more I drink the easier it feels! It does mean frequent toilet trips though.

Are you off work? I am and I think id be very tired if I couldn't have the odd nap when I need it. My tummy is still very bloated and I have heard from other ladies that this can be the case for quite sometime.

I think it will just be time for these things to settle but I am very excited by the way things are going so far.

If I were you (for peace of mind) ring your urologists secretary and ask if you could have a telephone consultation about your recovery in the meantime. Your doctor has a duty of care to support you in recovery for at least the first 6 weeks post op.

Thanks for replying. Hope both of us continue to get better and better.


Wow that's interesting! Great to hear you are recovering well, and with the bonus of feeling better in ways perhaps you didn't expect!

I am due to have my excision surgery in the next couple of months and hoping that I will feel much better post surgery.. Has your endo pain completely gone? How long did it take you to recover?


Hi soub,

Yes every scrap was removed according to my consultant. It took 5 hours in total to get rid if it all. I think recovery is very dependent on the extent of the surgery and the individual person. It took 2.5 weeks for me to be comfortable without pain relief. I'm 3.5 weeks now and still very bloated and get the odd healing pains but so far so good! I just hope it doesn't come back!

Good luck for your surgery x


Thank you Jdgirl030.

Are you off work at the moment? I have warned work that I will need at least 6 weeks off, which is what my doctor recommended to me. I'm really glad to hear your recovery has been quite straightforward. Yes I can imagine it is different for everyone though, it depends not only on the severity of the disease, but also the success of the surgery, and how fit and healthy you are to be able to bounce back from it too. It's great news they were able to remove it all in your case.

I should find out in about a week, the exact date of my surgery, but they estimated mid-August. I hope you continue to recover well and that you stay endo-(and pain) free from now on!

soub x


Thanks ! Yes 4-6 weeks advised to me and I'm still off at the moment and don't feel ready to go back anytime soon. It hasn't been an easy ride so don't panic if you feel worse after the op. I had a bit of a wobble a few weeks ago and was wondering if I had done the right thing but I feel like I have turned a corner now. I think you are very sensible to have warned your workplace. :)


Just to say good luck ladies, get well soon!


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