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Did anyone get Endo because of c-section

I have had a "lump" under the left side of my c-section scar for a couple years now and chalked it off as being scar tissue and had a ct scan and was told that is what it is. Problem is that it's slowing getting bigger and very tender. It's the worse from the time I ovulate until I get my period. It's like really swollen and hurts and almost feels like hot spots shooting through it and then a few days after my period it goes down and stops hurting. My pms has gotten horrendous over the past few months also and I'm starting to think this was caused from my 2nd c-section that I had over 5 years ago. Now I'm extremely worried that it's going to interfer with me being able to concieve. We really want one more baby. Any thoughts or advice? Thank you!!

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Hi it is quite common to get endo because of a c-section. When they take the baby out it comes from inside the womb and if they don't clear everything up afterwards and some of the inside lining where the baby was is left on the outside of the womb then you get endo pmetriosis as a result. I am so sorry if you have got it like this. You can get endo through misscarriage, complicated pregnancy loss etc. it's basically trauma to the womb. X


Thank you! I figured this is what I have based on my syptoms. I am just wanting to know if this type of Endo can cause me problems getting pregnant again since it's in a different area than regular endo. We are currently TTC...


Actually trauma to the womb doesn't cause Endo it aggravates it and do you probably had Endo lying dormant and had no symptoms and then after your second c-section it messed with the area covered in Endo tissue and caused the symptoms to flare up. There is only one type of Endo, if you're referring to adenomyosis then that is a different condition all together. With Endo, you can find it hard to conceive but if you've had two beautiful babies already without knowing you have Endo then I'm pretty sure you'll have a hood chance of conceiving again. As far as I know though, Endo doesn't appear in a lump, that would more likely be a cyst if it is to do with Endo which in my experience it doesn't sound much like it. To me it sounds a but like a hernia which is possible if the surgeons haven't sown up your tummy lining properly.

I hope I helped and that you find out what it is very soon and get help with it.

Good luck,

Leya :) x


Hi Tiffany, it almost sounds like I wrote this because I am going through exactly the same, lump on my scar (left side) after having c-sec, this was three years ago and im only just getting answers! They put it down to scar tissue at first but my periods got worse till they where literally unbearable! Im awaiting an MRI scan but the docs have said its looking like 'scar endometriosis' on the abdominal wall, ive also been given tge menopause injection to stop my painful periods temporarily, its a long long process, I totally understand how you feel. Feel free to private message me if you want to chat and exchange any info, or even just to speak to someone going through the same thing. X


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