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Can you take Zoladex & have mirena coil or pill??

I had my first Zoladex injection 2 weeks ago after my 2nd Lap and I have just had my 1st period for 2 years (was previously on mirena). I wasn't expecting to have a period and knowing that if I'm having periods the endo is growing back I'm a bit worried. So I was wondering if it's possible to go back on the mirena whilst still having the Zoladex injections? Has anyone had experience of this, will the periods stop or am I likely to have them throughout having the injections? Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks xx

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The short answer is yes, you can have Zoldadex with a Mirena :)

However, I expect that your 'period' was probably a result of the messing around done in the lap, and your body's reaction to the first injection itself, it's not uncommon for bleeding to actually get worse before it gets better on Zoladex. I wouldn't go rushing to get a Mirena fitted until the Zoladex has had a chance to settle down.

Some women do continue to bleed all the way through Zoladex courses, and some women have breakthrough bleeding, and some women have no bleeding at all. If you add the Mirena into the mix at this stage, you won't be able to tell properly how the Zoladex is affecting you.

I'm not sure if this has been a helpful answer! but good luck :)

C x


i had the mirena fitted during my lap, then started zoladex on my first period. i had slight on/off bleeding but no period since 2nd zoladex. i have 1 more to have, not enjoyed the side effects at all, but hoping that they are caused by the zoladex rather than the coil. i gained 21/2 st yikes. can't work out because of joint pains. hoping that will ware off soon! xx



I have mirena, Zolandex and the consultant possibly suggested the mini-pill on top of that. My periods stopped completely whilst on Zolandex but came back with the mirena (as did the pain). All I know is that it is possible. I really hope it works for you as it hasn't for me yet. x


Hi Lucy. I have been on zoladex and went into menopause with no cramps or bleeding just felt restless and hot flushes. I have had a mirena coil fitted 2 weeks ago and the pain and bleeding is back. I'm planning to get it removed. What happened with you and do you have any advice?


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