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Post-op confused :(

Hi all hope ur all well, before I start I wish u all a happy Xmas and a happy new year xxxx it's been a week since my lap and to take the coil out, well in 2007 I had an op to be told I had endo and one of my tubes had lesions on it but now am bing told I hav NO endo my tubes r fine, ( I know I should b pleased but in a weird way am not) my insides were stuck together so thay did that And my gyne told me just as I was coming round he couldn't find my coil it was there when I had the m.r.i had a X-ray op day still nothing where's it gone, it's bin in there for 18 months (me thinking it had bin taken out 18months ago ) got a lot of questions to ask when I go bck, top it off thay tryed to take my snitches out yesterday got to go bck fri cus it hurt like hell :((

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Sounds too me like you've been totally messed around hun. I too have been told I had endo only to be told I haven and now they think its adeno! I was told my right ovary was stuck low in my pelvis, then was told it was stuck to the back of my womb. Rushed to A&E where they said I'd probably cut the circulation off to said ovary so they sent me for a scan only to show that neither of my ovaries were stuck to anything :/ I'm guessing our gynea issues change a lot and the drs can't keep up!

I would go to your gp and demand answers, write your questions down before you go. If you're anything like me then by the time you get into the drs you go all shy and forget some of the thing you want to discuss. Possibly take a family member or a close friend with you for support.

Good luck xx


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