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Clothes! Sounds like a trivial question, but I'm desperate!


Hi Ladies! I'm a Mum of a 19 month old who has Bern coping with the results of a botched c-section, an emergency cystectomy during it, and an endometriosis diagnosis 11 months after my baby was born. I suffer pain every day, and am in and out of the GPs trying to get some help with the fatigue and the pain. I've only shifted 1.5 stoneif the 3 that I gained, and I was already 2 overweight when I fell preg. So I'm about 3.5 stone overweight, bloated, wracked with pain and can't fit into any of my old clothes from when I was last this fat. My tummy is so tender I can't have tight zipped trousers. And my belly is so swollen I have to wear a 18 trouser to accommodate it. I look like a scarecrow most days, mooching about in leggings and a sweatshirt. I think one of the reasons I can't get better treatment at the GPs is that I'm so dishevelled. Where do you guys get clothes that fit and look good? I've got a few Next Trousers, Sainsburys leggings, DP tees, and 2 Joules beachy sweatshirts which are wide enough to cover my bloated tum. But that's it. Where do other people find clothes that flatter and cheer them up?

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Hey hun

I have started living in skirts and dresses, although I wear tights with them I find this a lot more comfortable than jeans/trousers. Tights can either be folded over the waistband or pulled right up so doesn't cut off anywhere near my lower pelvis. For work I have some great trousers from Matalan (£12) which are zipped up at the side and are made from quite a giving material so when my stomach swells I don't have to undo them.

I hope this helps, on a daily basis I am so fed up of having to chose an outfit based on the fact I am destined to swell but I feel better knowing its not so obvious now I wear clothes which lie over the bump - and I must say I've never been a dress or skirt person but teamed with some pretty flats or boots I do feel more feminine on the outside :)

Good luck! And if you find any bargains or specific styles which work best post them up for the rest of us to try :) Xx

Absolutely! Thank you!

Hiya. I know exactly how you feel and was just as miserable. However, that was until I discovered tunic tops. They are long, loose and trendy. Wear them with leggings and ankle boots. As soon as your pain subsides you can go back to Jeans and trousers. Xx

Also, try the maternity sections for tops (I know this is ironic in many cases, mine included) - when I'm bloating I live in leggings and team them (get me, sounding like Gok) with some really pretty maternity tunics that I've found in the likes of Next and the other high street stores. They're not all wide collars and bows anymore! and they hide a multitude of other sins too while being flattering at the same time. And when you're not bloating they go with your jeans too! x

I know how you feel hun. I am quite a petite lady (size 8-10) but my tummy can swell so I look 5 months pregnant!! I seem to be more and more bloated the longer time passes. It's annoying coz my bum and legs are still a size 8 so if I put on clothes to fit my tummy they are all baggy round the bum and, not! I've been looking into this exact problem recently and if I come up with a solution I shall let you know xx

I'm glad I'm not the only one. Sounds very superficial

I know, but I'm so sad at the state of my insides and really worried that this is projecting on the outside.

I have to say I have had a similar experience, and completely argree that leggings and tunics are a god send, and in winter some of the chunky knit ones look good while being comfy and then team it with boots (come summer maxi dresses!).

The area I have struggled most with is going to work and for this I found wrap dresses, skirts and hold ups were the answer. I know some people hate holds up but it means you have warm legs and no pressure on the stomach. When I have good days I can wear some of my trousers (though belts are a no go) and then I will wear a pullover/waistcoat which is knitted (not sure how best to describe it but you get them in fat face and hide the stomach as it gives you an empire line. For shops I would suggest Fat Face, White Stuff, Mistral or for a cheaper option Tesco and Asda have some really great stuff. Though the second I get home it is joggers on which only tie (no elastic for pressure) and I buy them a size too big!

Sorry this is long but hope it helps!

I love my massive pyjama trousers from asda! Such a pleasure to slip into them!

Not a trivial question at all! Before I was ill, I wore trousers all the time, now I live in dresses and tights - deals with bloating and weight fluctuations well and more comfortable. Currently recovering from a lap and wouldn't be remotely comfortable at work f I had waistbands rubbing my stitches.

Dresses, tunics and layering!!! I hate Primark but... their tights are fantastic. They don't have too much elastene in them so you don't feel too restricted and they don't end up wrinkled round your ankles (a la Nora Batty).

It shouldn't make a difference to your treatment, but if you feel a bit more zingy you'll be able to articulate yourself much better without feeling self concious.

To combat the weight gain have you tried going gluten free? I know it's expensive and a MASSIVE change but I did this last year and lost 4.5 stone and my bloating vanished.

Wishing you lots of luck.


Per Una in Marks and Spencer are good, they are designed to fit older women who are wider in the middle and are more flattering to this shape. I like those clothes for my uber-bloated days.

plus the clothes are nice and well designed....

I have been known to buy some maternity clothes before I got pregnant because the elasticated waistbands were really comfy. My stomach swells so much and people used to ask if I was pregnant all the time x

If your looking for some cute trendy maternity clothes than you need to check out This is where my wife got most of my maternity clothes. You want to feel beautiful and confident even when your pregnant and these clothes did that for her.

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