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Hi ladies, fashion advice please... One very depressing thing for me these past months is that I've gone up a clothes size and my belly looks like I'm pregnant. Absolutely none of my work trousers fit me now, I can't do the zip, and as I am small framed and not tall (I usually buy petite for leg length) it shows really badly. A work colleague accidentally asked me when I was due which was mortifying. Can anyone suggest some good clothes brands to try to replace them. Maybe I need to buy maternity wear or something... Turning 40 hasn't exactly helped my style confidence either and I feel dowdy and self conscious about my horrible new shape.. Can anyone help with my mid life clothes crisis?

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  • hi there, sorry to hear about your problem. I know that it can make you feel rotten 😞 I would suggest wearing trousers that don't have a zip waist because they will be uncomfortable too. I know that if I feel bloated I will wear something with and elasticated waist. I have bought wide legged black trousers from Ebay and then a top that isn't too clingy, but not too baggy. Or smart leggings with an oversized smart shirt, or jumper and you can make these items look smarter with long necklaces. You can but oversized jumpers and shirts in primark or Dorothy Perkins. I havent ever tried maternity clothes so cant help there. I hope this helps xx

  • Lately I've been wearing lots of dresses with thigh high socks b/c I can't stand waist bands & they make me bloated.

    One thing you could do is wear dressers or rompers then wear a blouse on top? I've found it works for me. On my bad days I can't wear waist bands at all.

  • I wear maternity Jeans from H&M and baggy but not too baggy tops over the top. I've been looking at M&S and GAP maternity wear as they look good too. They also do smart work wear including skirts. I wear dresses with maternity tights. Maternity clothing is so comfortable I have worn nothing but that for the last year and a half. Good luck.

  • It's rotten isn't it!!! I'm having exactly the same problem myself and I think I'm going to go down the route of maternity trousers/jeans etc The bloating just doesn't seem to disappear does it 😩 And my tummy is quite hard & tender too so anything pushing on it causes more pain x

  • Hi, after my operation at the November 2015 I was bloated and struggled to recover for a good three months then had to have another op in February. My tummy was bigger than my friends who is 5 and a half months pregnant! And it still swells loads now too. My mum went out and brought me some maternity jeans from H&M and they are brilliant. They're black trouser type of jeans though and they're so soft and comfortable with the. If black stretchy bit across the top. I then wear a loose blouse over the top and my suit jacket and it's so much more comfortable. I can't sit at my desk all day otherwise it's a nightmare. good luck xxx

  • Hi

    I am 40 plus and when its my period i look like I am pregnant I have resorted to Bon marche elasticated trousers for those days. They are very comfortable. You have my total empathy and it really affects my body image. I have gone for comfort on those days as tight trousers make me feel awful and double my pain. Take care

  • Thanks girls! Looks like h&m mat is something to check out. I can't wear tights due to endo related ic and bladder issues but found pre operatively suspender and Pierre Mantoux 50 dernier stockings worked. Not sure how that will go post lap buy so far so good.

  • I was in maternity trousers and tops at one point. not because I was pregnant but because my stomach would blow up at any point. so I could put something on in the morning and it not feel comfortable by 11am. my skin also became sensitive so having pressure from clothing irritated me.

    There are nice clothes in maternity and swing dresses... I still wear that stype now as it's flattering x

  • Great suggestions above & I would ad Evans into the mix, some nice key work pieces & for me I love a dress but do so struggle with tights digging in around the tummy after a while- any good tight suggestions out there would be welcome!!

  • I've gone for a suspender plus Pierre Mantoux 50 black stockings. Look like tights.

  • I only wear elasticated trousers now, so jeggings or similar. For work I wear dresses or skirts. Tights are mostly ok but sometimes too fitting so I might try some maternity ones. I don't think my clothes shop suggestions would help much as I'm tall!

    I used to have constant bloating and stomach pains from tight trousers - not wearing them has made life much better. I still get bloating but less associated problems.

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