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Mirena Coil and Cyst

Briefly, I am 47, live in the UK, have two teenage children, recently have been diagnosed, after an internal Scan, to have a 4.5cmx3.5cmx3.2cm simple cyst on my right ovary. All my bloods have returned normal. I have sciatic, hip and lower back pain, slight nausea, up and down moods and a throbbing type feeling around the groin on both sides. I run my own business, work long hours and occasioanally fit in yoga. I don't experience stabbing pain, no sleep problems, but have sore boobs for 4 days every month and a type of period monthly. I have a Mirena Coil which I have had for 3 years. I know it's not due to be out until 2014. Do you think the Mirena has caused my cyst or does it sound like it could be Endo symptoms? Any reply appreciated.

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hi ..sorry to hear of your pain'

i , too have been diagnosed with a cyst, mine is larger around 12 cms. i am 42 and was due to have the coil fitted but due to the size of the cyst my consultant has cancelled it and opted for a full hysterectomy, which takes place straight after the new year..my bloods have also come back clear but need to wait till op is complete...

due to ill health i have been away from work for most of this year, depression mainly and anxiety.

along with endo..i don't really sleep well..

what has the gyno offered you as an option..thankfully i have 12 year old . so the hystrectomy is best option for myself..just dreading op at moment.

best wishes



One of the side effects of the Mirena is ovarian cysts, and the fact that they described your cyst as 'simple' would make me think that it is 'just' an ordinary ovarian cyst and not an endometrioma. They won't know for sure until they get in there.

All of your other symptoms could also be caused by the Mirena so I think it's more likely that it's that...but as I say, the only way they'd know for sure is by going in and having a look. What are they going to do about the cyst?

C xxx


Thank you for your info. I have a Gynae appointment in the morning and I'm not sure if she'll suggest monitoring for now as I don't know whether the size of the cyst is worth taking further. I do know that I have symptoms everyday and ibuprofen usually help. The weird thing is the throbbing in the groin is on both sides and as far as I know they only found one cyst on my right ovary. X


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