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What is going on ?????

Sorry in advance for such a long post.

I am a 26 year old female who started having periods at 13 years old.From day 1 my periods have been heavy, very painful and last about 10 days with spotting in between periods. To cut a long story short, I have been on a number of different contraceptive pills, norethisterone and also had the implant inserted; none of these methods helped and the gynaecologist eventually advised me to get the mirena coil instered.

I had the coil inserted in October and since it was inserted i have had very severe pelvic pain and left abdominal pain. This continued for 2 weeks and eventually it was removed. I thought the pain would go away but its still as severe. I am on loads of pain killers, an antibiotic just incase it is pelvic inflammatory disease. I am constantly being sick so i dont think the antibiotics will be helping. I am due to go bk and see the Doctor on Wednesday.

Has anyone had anything like this at all and does it sound like endometriosis ?

Thanks in advance for any replies

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I have had constant tummy and back pain for the last year now but slowly been getting worse. I get constant bloating and sickness and the other day I was at the point where I couldnt even walk round the supermarket, I had no energy and the pain was so agonising I cried and cried.

My GP has said my pain sounds like endometriosis so yours is probably the same also, have your doctors every mentioned anything about IBS, I was diognosed with IBS and read at the same time that IBS can be confused for endometriosis.

Has your doctor given you an internal exam or is this what you are going for Wednesday? I had mine the other week and she then booked me in for a scan which I have next week.

I hope they give you some results Wednesday and try and get some answers for you, I know how your feeling I am dreading everything right now.




I have been admitted to hospital twice in the last 3 weeks. The first time they told me my pain was due to the coil then when that was removed I was admitted again with the same pain and this time they did a scan which was clear. The gynaecologist told me it might take time but I just feel like they are trying to get rid of me. The pain is so sore when I eat or even take my medication I'm being sick so obviously I'm not getting full benefit of antibiotic. I also feel really lightheaded which I think is a sign that I'm a bit dehydrated with all the vomiting.

I hope I get answers on Wednesday, will post the outcome


Get screened for adenomyosis. Please visit the Adenomyosis Advice Association.org website for more info x Danielle Wright, Founder of the AAA


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