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No idea what's going on!

Hi there, this is my first post but felt like I had to share where I am just now. I have just returned to work after nearly four weeks off and I have been doing much better, until yesterday that is. My husband and I have been trying for a baby and we have been to see the fertility specialist who was lovely & very encouraging. The problem started after my first day 21 progesterone test which showed that I haven't been ovulating. After this I kind of ground to a halt.

All I could do as cry and the pain was just unbearable so the doctor signed me off work. I got myself together and went back to work after a few weeks and with my husband & parent's love and support I was feeling more positive about things. I had another day 21 test a couple of weeks ago but heard nothing about my results so I phoned them yesterday only to be told that AGAIN I'm not ovulating and I'm being referred back to the gynaecologist AGAIN after being discharged!

I just don't know whether I'm coming or going anymore and feel like I'm being bounced from one consultant to the other and not getting any answers. Am totally fed up! Sorry to moan so much in my first post, just felt the need to let off some steam where people will understand exactly where I'm coming from.

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Hi Tink80,

have you posted this on the correct forum?

It is appearing on the endometriosis forum, but your enquiry seems to be about fertility testing and that you're not ovulating which would probably get much better results if it was posted on the IVF forum


or the pregnancy forum


where more forum members will have experience in this area and give better advice to you.

and as it isn't your first post on the endo forum, I'm guessing you're logged in to the wrong one when you posted it.

Though reading through your previous posts, that you had been on Zoladex, there is always a risk that it shuts down the ovaries and they have trouble starting to ovulate again afterwards.

Your gynae will probably want to try you on some other hormones to see if your sleepy ovaries can be woken up now with a bit of help.


is a rather academic article about this, and details how you might approach the next steps which will be to try and force those sleeping ovaries back to work again properly.


Hi Tink80,

Sorry you're having such a hard time at ther moment. We're having IVF starting next week and I just heard I've got a really low ovarian reserve which was a complete shock as I'm only 32! I was on Clomid prior to IVF which is a hormone which makes you ovulate. Didn't work for us, but worked for our close friends who were trying naturally for 4 years until they had Clomid and now they have two daughters! They had to take Clomid both times to concieve. Don't lose heart, there is so much help available for ladies like us. I've found the fertility friends website absolutely fantastic for support and information. Might be worth a look? fertilityfriends.co.uk

Best of luck with everything xxx


Thanks for that, I'll have a look at that. We have to try the Clomid too but the success rate doesn't fill you with confidence! I have only just turned 33 and know that prior to the prostap injections I had from January to June last year I was ovulating, but that seems to have stopped for some reason. Most frustrating!

I hope that everything goes well for you both next week, I'll keep my fingers crossed!xxx


Thanks Impatient I'll try those too but I wanted to post on the endo site as I have had endo for many years but am just starting with the fertility process & wanted to know how other people are dealing with any similar situations. What I meant when I said first post was of my own rather than as a response to someone else's or a survey question! Thank you for your comment though an I will look into the other forums you mentioned.


Am sorry about your pain but you just narrated the story of my life, my sad news was so much that suicide was my only option. But my partner is the strength that kept me going to say the truth if I am him I wouldn't stay with me THAT IS THE TRUTH cos my shits is so much. I am just 30 years old my life changed at 27 when I was diagonized with endo then 3 years later I was diagonized with premature ovarian failure which means my eggs reserve is too low and my ovaries are not working but instead of jumping on the fertility wagon we are taking time out to treat my body with vitamins. I have been in a place where doctors said WE ARE SORRY WE CAN'T HELP which is the worst place a woman can be but the first step of getting better is to take a step back from all the bad news cos if you don't you might go insane if you are not ok emotionally the fertility drugs will not work right. Second step of getting better is start a journal where you can be truthful to yourself and say how you really feel without feeling ashamed or judged. 3rd step of getting better is to support yourself with few friends and families that can help you in this journey, people who come rain or shine that you can call and tell how you feel cos trust me there will be days you might be depressed and don't want to get out of your bed. 4th pls seek counselling cos that will help you get more better. 5th YOU NEED TO FIGHT YOUR BATTLES meaning get as much information as you can from your doctors to know what actually the problem is if you want you can request a copy of your medical files doing this will help you began your healing process by finding out with vitamins to start taking, which food to eat and what to do. Lastly go on eBay and search for this vitamin OVUVITA it's helps you ovulate. Pls don't give up your case is far better than mine but am not giving up that I can't have children also pls think positive. You are not alone and good luck.


Bless your heart for this. Thank you for your suggestions & I just hope that you and your partner find a happy outcome to all of this. I really feel for you. Thanks again.


Thank you for your comment since I took charge of my life I found out that I made a lot of progress in months than 3 years, since you have ovulation problems I advice you to request for vitamin d blood tests the reason I said so is cos vitamin d is the most important vitamin a woman can get. From all my researches and late night emails to my doctor they found out that am vitamin d deficient which I am on treatment for. You do your research on it and you might find out that your problem is not as bad as you think. Pls don't give up your fight


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