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Hysterectomy and removal of ovaries

Hello ladies. I'm riddled with severe endometriosis pain 24 hours a day again and even liquid morphine doesn't take the pain away. I've had 2 laparoscopies (the last one a year ago). My consultant said he won't do anymore surgery unless its a hysterectomy and removal of my ovaries. I'm 40 in September and have no children. I have my first appointment with the infertility clinic on tues but I don't know if I can cope with this pain for much longer. I'm trying to hold a full-time job too. My question to any of you lovely ladies is that if I make the big decision to go through with the hysterectomy etc without having a child would it be worth the sacrifice. As I've heard that it doesn't always cure endo. X

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Hi Karen

You're right, this is a huge decision and at the end of the day only you will know what's right for you.

There is no cure for endometriosis and even if a hysterectomy does give you a break for a while, there is a very real risk that the endo will come back.

Also, you say that you are riddled with endo - if they take away your womb and ovaries, the endo will still be inside you. They will probably clear as much away as they possibly can, but if the tiniest trace is left, it will regrow. If they don't take your ovaries, you will continue to produce estrogen, which the endo feeds from. If they do take your ovaries, at your age you would almost certainly have to have HRT, which the endo will feed from. If you don't have HRT, your body will compensate by producing estrogen elsewhere to protect your body from the effects of being completely estrogen free....and the endo will feed from that.

And apart from all of that, if your womb is removed, so is your chance of having your own children naturally. Obviously there are other avenues to explore in that case, such as adoption or surrogacy....but the fact that you have an upcoming appointment with the fertility clinic makes me wonder whether you're ready to take such a drastic step as hysterectomy.

I do feel for you, constant, unremitting pain is horrific and I've lost count of the times I've wished somebody would just whip it all out :( But if they do, and the endo comes back, what then?

If I were you, I'd make an appointment to see your consultant to talk about how he thinks hysterectomy would work for you, and any and all risks that might be involved. With that information, plus the information you get from the infertility specialist, you'll be in a better place to make a decision.

Good luck, and lots of love xxx


Thank you so much for your lovely reply Chrissie. My consultant is a numpty. At my last appointment a few weeks ago he said one minute if I had constant pain it couldn't be from endo and then because I challenged him and asked for a second opinion he changed his mind. The only reason I feel faced with making the decision to have a hysteractomy is because I don't know if I can carry on working been in this much pain anymore and my consultant said he can't do nothing else for me. Obviously I'm going to try and last as long as I can while going through fertility treatment if they treat me xxx


Hi have you tried decapeptyl I've been on it for ages I found I suffer with no pain and no periods, it does have a slight chance of weaking your bones but you wouldn't no it, the only problem is it can't be given for long, I cannot have anymore and am on the list for a full hysterectomy I suffer with stage four endrometriosis and fibroid and cyst on my ovaries, blocked right tube, I cannot have children, but I'm scared as my bowel is stuck to my womb and I have a slight chance of a stoma bag which terrifies me. I'm due to have it done in April. I've been told it's not a cure but if my ovaries are removed its got a better chance of not coming back, but if you can't have a child have one don't be like me dreaming off being a mum and hating people who have one I no I couldn't Carry one due to the fact I'm dissabled due to three level disc disease, but when you don't have an option it's worse. I hope you make the right decision as I cannot take care Natalie


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