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IVF - what happens?

Hi all,

10+ years sufferer with pain diagnosis with endometriosis January 2012, 1 laparoscopy.

Trying for a child with my partner it has only been a short time (20 weeks) and i may still get pregnant yet however i had my follow up appointment that i have regularly with my gyne and he suggests that i give it 1 Year of trying (that takes me till July 2013) and then they will test my partner and give me 2 consecutive blood tests for 2 months to test for my ovulation, after that he said he would then do the dye test in my tubes via another lap, i suppose that would take another 6 months for all of them steps so that would by my 18 months. if the next step from there has been decided as IVF by my consultant then i would like to be knowledgeable on what actually happens with IVF i could sit and read 100+ stories on the web but i would prefer to get an opinion from people with endometriosis and i trust this website!

thank you and hope everyone is doing well at the moment x

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You can message me - I can help


if your tubes are not blocked or damaged then you would hopefully be able to get pregnant naturally.


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