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If Zoladex and HRT work then what happens after?

I have been off work for about 10 weeks now with a range of symptoms. Anyhow been to consultant last Friday, he thinks possible Endo and i am going to put on Zoladex and HRT. Firstly i would have thought it would take less than a week to get injection but it's obvious by now the NHS doesn't do anything quickly.

My question actually is, If (fingers crossed) Zoladex works then what happens after the 6 months ? I have read somewhere you can only have a 6 month course.

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Hi fatefulserendipity

The recommended limit for Prostap/Zoladex is 6 months because it can cause problems such as bone thinning and other imbalances, but if it's working well and if you're monitored properly you can stay on it for longer. I've known ladies be on it non stop for three years; I tend to have six months on then a six month break before starting back on it again.

If it does work however it is an indication that the problem could be endometriosis - it's not a means of diagnosing endo, the only way of doing that is by laparoscopy. Your gynae might therefore want to look into doing a lap to have a look inside to see what's going on and if there is any benefit in 'cleaning up' any endo he finds.

With regard to the injection itself - my gynae and my GP are under the same health authority, but my GP surgery cannot prescribe Zoladex or Prostap for me because of their budget limitations. So my gynae has to send me a prescription in the post each month which I then take to the chemist who gives me the box which I then take to the doctor's surgery so the nurse can give me the injection....what a palava!

C xxx


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