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Pill and Endo


I am new to this website - I was diagnosed with Endo recently and have had 2 surgery's recently. I have been put on the pill to stop my menstrual cycle but am still experiencing pain, does anyone know how long it takes the pill to work which I am hoping will get rid of the pain.

Any advice/help would really be appreciated as I am due to go back to work next week and am still feel pain.



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Hi, I've been put on the pill as well. I've only been on it for a week, but I've had minimal pain relief but also nausea, mood swings etc so I'll probably come off it as I'n having a lap in 3 weeks - I'm going to see the GP to talk about a different type of pill or coming off it. I hope it works for you - it might take a while to kick in - which seems to be what I'm finding, or there might be a different type of pill that would work better for you.

I hope it kicks in or you find something that works. Good luck, A :)



Welcome to the forum :)

I had my first laparoscopy in May, where they found I had stage 4 endo - urgh! I too was put on the pill continuously to stop my periods, but was still in severe pain after the op.

The pain got to the point that I couldn't stand upright/walk properly. Turns out that I hadn't healed properly from the surgery and had scar tissue/open wounds that were sticking together internally and causing the pain. Nice... I was then signed off for another 4 weeks, during which I fully rested, and I am now fully fixed and pain-free.

So I just wondered reading your post whether you maybe just hadn't healed properly after your operation? How long were you signed off sick for after the lap? I was only signed off for 2 weeks, but apparently I should have been signed off for 4-6 weeks to give things time to heal.

Good luck and hope you get things sorted soon!


Hi Both,

Thank you for your replies with info/support.

Alice, I hope your lap goes well and you have a speedy recovery. :)

I had my first lap on 24th September which they couldn't treat the second lap I had was on 11th October which they treated with laser, I was diagnosed with moderate endo.

I was originally signed off for 3 weeks but was still in pain so was given a few extra weeks. I went on the pill on 1st November which has made very little difference at the moment. I still get really tired and my legs and lower back ache. :(

I think like you say may just need a little more time to heal.

I'm very happy hearing that you are fully fixed and pain free, I was thinking all kinds of horrible things when I was first diagnosed but your reply has made me stronger.

Thanks very much.


Hello Tozzy,

I am new to this forum and your question caught my eye as I had been on the pill for a couple of years continuously to manage the pain and symptoms from endo and found it to be a great help!

For me it was approximately one cycle before I felt the effect. So it is not instant but after at least a month but definitely after two months I found it was really helpful. I was on a low dose pill Loestren 20 and was lucky not to have any side effects from it (I had experienced side effects previously with two other types of pill that I had been using as contraceptive a few years before). You have to give it the time to stop the ovulation process in order to benefit.

I also found that as soon as I came off the pill, as soon as my cycle returned, the endo symptoms would be back as quickly as a month later, so it really only does work while you are taking it and comes back very quickly after you stop. My consultant was comfortable with me taking the pill continuously with no break long term as, I do not smoke, I am not heavily over weight and have no other health issues, with the understanding that every six months when I requested a new prescription from my doctor, the doctor would review the situation to ensure these circumstances had not changed. ( I have stopped the pill as I am trying for a baby, I would have continued with this treatment for as long as I benefited or as long as the doctor allowed otherwise.)

I realise though that this treatment does not work for everybody and the effects of endo and the symptoms experienced really do vary greatly from woman to woman and I was lucky to find something that really did improve my symptoms greatly and really do hope it can do the same for you.

Good Luck! x


Hi Nebula,

Thank you so much for your reply, the info you provided was very helpful. I have one other question if I may - did you feel pain down your inner thigh? The last few days my symptoms have worsened and i am feeling pain down my inner thigh and when I touch it it feels really tender and hurts :(

I went to go and see my doctor today as I needed my sick note extended as i feel in no fit state to go back to work and he thinks I just need to give the pill time but didn't really explain the inner thigh pain. he has also given me pain killers to take (Amitriptyline Hydrochloride)

I hope you receive some very exciting new soon. :)

Toral xx


Hello Toral,

Sorry about the delay in my reply! I hope by the time you have received this your pain has eased!

The only leg pain I have experienced is an ache that feels like it is radiating from the source of pain, my lower stomach and bowel.

I have never had a pain in my leg that hurts when I touch it. I think it is important that you should go and tell your doctor about this as soon as possible. You have recently had surgery and started the pill, so tenderness in your leg should be reported to him, do not feel bad about going back.

Let me know how you get on and hopefully it is nothing to be concerned about and the pain killers have helped you!

Thank you for your good wishes!

Neeta x


Hi Neeta,

No need to apologies what so ever. :)

I did go and see my doctor he wasn't 100% sure why I was getting this pain but put it down to the Endo and the pill taking time to kick in. Just got to wait and see if the pill will finally work.

I will let you know on my progress with this.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Toral x


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