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Pain 5 weeks after total abdominal hysterectomy - not well any one else had the same?

I had my hysterectomy 5 weeks ago now and was doing really really well - no pain well nothing compared to what I have before the op. Terrible endo, 3lb fibroid, 20 week sized uterus - dreadful. Today I'm having lots of pains in my stomach it's a dull aching feeling and not sure why as I've been fine. Bowel movements fine and wondering if it's trapped wind? Has anyone else experienced this? It's not nice :( xx

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Hi Wendy, sorry to hear you have pain, I had a vaginal hysterectomy so did not have abdominal scar and don't recall a lot of pain only general tiredness and weakness. Hopefully the pain is part of the healing process but if it still bothers or gets worse I would make an appt with the G.P x I expect you have your 6 week check with the consultant soon, well done and all the best xx Remember to take it easy.


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