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Bad skin with endo?

Hi ladies.

Just wondered what everyone's skin was like? I have never had clear skin! I'm now thinking this has something to do with endo? Constantly have red spots (altho they're not spots, more like bumps under the skin?) which seem to scab over for weeks before they even start to improve. I have used many cleansers and moisturises but nothing seems to help. I mainly get these 'spots' around my chin but they are now showing on my cheeks and forehead. Any ladies got any advice/tips on how to improve these? Thanks in advance :-)

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When it eventually comes time for my period I always get spots along my chin, and my forehead dries out so much my skin starts to flake, super attractive I know! It's definitely all hormonal, and just another of those things we've got to put up with thanks to our stupid bodies! :( I make sure I clean my face and moisturise everyday to feel like I'm doing something good to combat it xx


Hello. I had clear skin until around 13/14 when I started having spots more on my forehead and centre of my chin, whiteheads mostly. Then the sides of my face developed scarring (without spots) and from around 17 I had cystic acne, much like the under the skin type of bumps you've mentioned. Tried all the antibiotic treatments and tablets but nothing worked. Also tried having a really good, consistent skincare regime, spending quite a lot of money on fancy and less fancy products.

Eventually got a referral to a Dermatologist (at 22!) who I've been seeing for the past year. Now taking Trimethoprim and using Differin cream and gel - they seem to have worked! I'm not really experiencing new spots and the bumps on my chin/jawline have significantly improved. The scarring also seems to have lightened and I'm hoping I can have further treatment for this.

The Dermatologist told me that progesterone is the hormone that causes skin issues.

Have you tried introducing oils into your routine? I found they really helped to calm my skin and those bumps x


Hdavies - how do you use oil in your routine? I'd be really interested to know what natural remedies others have had success with before I turn to a doc for a prescription.

I was pretty lucky with my skin throughout my teenage years through my 20s I had maybe an occasional spot, but now in my 30s with the endo really peaking I suddenly have constant bumps on my forehead and cystic acne developing on my chin. After all those years of getting away with being totally lazy I'm playing catch up now to figure out basic skin care. I've already cut out dairy and gluten as part of pain management ... it seems like there must be something I can do topically ... I'll gladly take any over the counter wisdom you ladies may have!


Hello. Currently using an oil from Clarins and find it helps to calm the under the skin bumps I get. A couple of drops after moisturiser or serum at night along with a simple skincare routine. Do a little bit of research/googling before investing in anything as I wouldn't want you to spend money on something that doesn't work on my recommendation. I love reading blogs such as Caroline Hirons - provides lots of information around different skin types, concerns and suitable products.

I don't find that my skin particularly reacts to any food groups, just mostly able to associate skin issues with hormones as I tend to get more spots in the week or so leading up to my period.

Please ask any other questions or let me know if I can help in any way x

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Yeah I think mine are probably more hormone related. I find that the bumps and redness take ages to settle down, and the dryness/flaky skin on the bumps (spots?) take forever to go as well. What's the name of the oil you've been using? I've considered getting acnecide, have you ready about this?


Hi ladies, I used to gets spots when I was due on but have been clear now for the past 2 years, I drink a couple of litres of water a day which I find really helps, also after ever shower I used a little vitamin E oil on my face by just putting a few drops rubbed into my hands first then gently rubbing it into my face, you can this from Superdrug for a few pounds, I have found that since I have been doing this my skin has been great x


I thought I'd just do a little update, I've been using the Superdrug Vitamin E facial oil for the past week and it seems to be helping. The bumps and the redness of the spots seem to be slowly improving. So far so good! Thanks for the tip 👍🏼


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