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Adenomyosis and total abdominal hysterectomy


I am scheduled to have a total abdominal hysterectomy. Going to try and keep the ovaries unless he sees a problem with them. I have tried all sorts of hormone pills and painkillers.I had an endometrial ablation 4 weeks ago and have had constant bleeding since. I feel this is the only option left now, I cannot keep bleeding as I am aneamic and have constant abdominal pain. Has anyone had a hysterectomy for suspected adenomyosis? I have all the symptoms and an enlarged uterus. I am having it done on 1st october so not long now! Just want to be pain free and normal again.can anyone offer advice please.

Julie xx

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I am so sorry you are having such a nasty time with this disease.

And I am also sorry that no I can not offer any advice apart from just talk to people if they have had it or not.

Sometimes that is all we as Endo sufferers have is to be able to talk to people who have it as it is an invisible disease.

The only thing I have heard is when you have a full hysterectomy most people prefer to get rid of everything including their ovaries as sometimes when every thing else has gone the Endo can still come back.

I am not trying to scare you every one is different to how they react to different drugs/surgeries.

If you want to chat give me a message.

Kind Regards



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