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How long do overies keep working after hystrectomy?

Has anyone had a hystrectomy for endo and kept there overies?.I have been pain free for 4 years since my op and now the pain is back every month again.I feel like im back to square one.I am hoping my overies will just stop working so i'm not stuck in this monthly pain cycle.I had thought that they only last 4 or 5 years after hystrectomy but someone told me other day thats not true and they can keep working till normal menapause age.Any advice would be great. x

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Hi Loobylou

I am so sorry to hear that you've found out the hard way that hysterectomy, either full or partial, does not cure endometriosis

Your friend was right, your ovaries will keep working until you reach natural menopause. Don't go rushing to have them removed too though - at the moment, although you are in pain, they are providing the hormonal protection your body needs at your age

I'm sorry I couldn't have given you any better news :(

Lots of love xxx


Thanks for replying,the hostpital are refusing to remove them anyway because of the amount of scar tissue im likely to have they consider it dangerous.i had no idea it could come back im devastated...thanks for your honest reply though.xxx


It's a horrible, relentless disease, it never gives up :( I'm so sorry :(

Mine's inoperable too, it's just one big solid lump of endometriosis, adhesions and scar tissue in there - the last time my gynae operated, to take out my left ovary, she said she couldn't even see my right ovary, it wasn't where it is supposed to be because it's been pulled away from its correct position. The left ovary had to be removed because it kept 'growing' cysts which got really big really quickly and since I had it out the other ovary just took over and has been really well behaved. Last October however a cyst appeared on that side and we panicked, because any surgery just to remove a cyst will involve bowel and bladder surgeons standing by. Luckily I had a six month course of Zoladex which shrunk the cyst right away to nothing which was a huge relief.

We're just managing the pain now until I hit natural menopause, not sure if your user name is an indication of your age but I have 8 years on you. Judging by when my mum went through menopause though, I'm possibly looking at another 10 years of this. I am so, so lucky in that my gynae is fantastically supportive - but then I have known her the best part of 20 years!

Chin up, lovely. Don't let the blasted disease get you down. Although obviously you are allowed the occasional Chocolate And Duvet day. I think it's actually THE LAW when it comes to endometriosis.... ;)

Love and hugs xxxxx


Sorry to hear of your pain. Are you on anything to prevent ovulation or are you still ovulating? My endometriosis was found in the right ovary (only born with one) most of it in the ovary causing 6cm chocolate cyst and found some in uterosacral area. My endo was much worse when I was ovulating. When ovulation was stopped my symptoms were much better as only some endo around my uterus and filmy adhesions. Is the pain you get around the ovary area? Mine was predominantly right sided and around ovary and ultrasound scan showed a 3cm cyst and it grew twice the size in 3 months with another cyst developing on my 1st cyst. I would go to GP and ask to get ovaries scanned. x


Thanks ladies and chrissie thanks for everyhing you seem to be my new best friend.xx

yes im on prostap now and the pain is just once a month where my overys are so i'm guessing its when im ovulating.before the prostap which i started just over a week ago i was down to every 3 weeks with the pain so it felt like i'd just get over it and then it was coming again.i had a scan and the lady doing the scan commented on me having a big cyst on one side but then the doc looked at it and said it was nothing unusual so i dont really understand what that means.

I am litrally just praying for an early menapause ,my mum had full hystrectomy at 30 so i cant guess what age she would of hit menapause so have no clue when i'll have mine.Im 38 now. just wish it would bloody hurry up!!!The prostap must be working cos although ive felt like crap on it i havent had the pain.But the doc said i can only stay on it for 12 months,so i'm guessing then i'm back to square one after that.Which is so depressing .i'm considering paying private for a lap to see if theres anything worth lazering which really helped me years ago.But my nhs consultant is just saying no way to even having a look.i'm saying i'll pay private but have absolutly no money so will end up getting into debt if i do but just feel there must be more they can do to make this stop.Thanks for listning to me its really helped to not feel so alone.xxxxxxxx


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