Sacked from work because of endo pain x

Has any of you ladies been sacked from work because of the endo? I was hospitalised on the 5th of jan and given a 2 week sick note and not ran out till 19th of jan and iv been fired?? I'm more than sure they don't want to pay me sick pay when il be off for an hystrectomy 😫 this is so frustrating for years the pain has ruined a lot of my days but now this has topped things off.. X

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  • Oh you poor thing, I'm sorry to hear this, I would check legally, I don't think they can sack you while your off sick, I hope things start to look up for you soon xxx

  • Thank you. Iv been on prostap for 6 months so it's not like iv had time off frequently. Prostap ran out in December and back came the pain n now this 😤 just hoping my consultant can sort me out n I can get on with finding other work.. As a mother of 4 havin no job is a massive downfall at the min xx

  • Hi T is right they cannot sack you whilst you are signed off sick . I really would seek legal advise as this is totally unfair. As if you're not suffering enough. When are you having the hysterectomy? Mine is on 3rd March.

  • I bet it is, I lost 2 jobs last year I was on 6 month probation for one and had to give the other one up coz I couldn't do it, I might have something that could interest you, I'll message you tomoz, are you under a bsge centre,

  • I'm going to see a solicitor this week. Im due to see my consultant on 29th jan and hopefully I will get a date.. Last time I seen him he said it was prostap then hystrectomy. Iv done the prostap n felt brill so next step is hystrectomy xx

  • Good for you! You need to take then to tribunal for your reference if nothing else. Good luck with the solicitor xx

  • If you have been there two years you can take them to a tribunal.

    Do they have hr you can go to ?

    did you have any warning as they can't sack you without having the conversation to pre warn you .

    go to citizens advice centre and look over your contract and sickness policy.


  • They can't sack you if you have a sick note.

    Check out this site

    And also another called

    The fit for work website offer a live chat so you can talk to someone right away

    Hope these websites help xx

  • Get some advice from a union or solicitor. I've had hell from my job about time off but when I saw occupational health they said my endo comes under the equalities legislation. Means you can take action if they sack you as its discrimination. X

  • Thank u ladies xx my situation is now being dealt with by a solicitor as they told me I have a case xx they say I can claim damages but at the minute it's not the money that's the issue its the fact of the way they did it xx hopefully all will be resolved xx

  • Good luck hun

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