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Support to keep working

Hi everyone

I wanted to know does anyone with endo manage to work full time?

I feel like I'm being backed into a corner at work to start working part time (or at worst made to leave) because of the amount I've been off sick (1 long episode & 4 short (1-2days) in the last year)

I don't know whether my expectations are too high and I should back down or should employers allow me to keep working full time and be off sick intermittently.

Any advice or experiences welcome!!

Thank you

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I work full time and have never had time off because of it. On the day of my lapro I had my boss ringing me and i only had 24 hours off work. However I do struggle mainly with tierness and sometimes the pain. But i know peoples pain differs ! xx


Hi there, I don't have endo but suffer with life changing effects of PID. I have read on here that there is a support leaflet for employers who's employees have endo. I think you are covered and they can't just dismiss you, there would be a formal process to go through. I would read up on your HR policies about sickness and Google endo for employers or if someone else on here may be able to assist. Defo don't be forced into anything, are you part of a union if not can you join one? x

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I elected to compress my hours into a 4 day week as I couldn't cope with my chronic fatigue on 5 days.

Endo can be classed as a disability ( as can pretty much any disease lasting over 12 months and severely impacting daily life) so you are protected by equality legislation.

You can request reasonable adjustments if you can think of any to help you stay full time.




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Thank you they will be really useful to refer to. I just find my symptoms so variable and unpredictable I'm not sure what would help.


I understand. I am grappling with similar issues for my second attempt at a return to work suffering coxxodynia and having developed some sort of chronic fatigue syndrome and they are trying to find me a new role after a restructure. I am very scared tbh that I won't make it back.

Does your company have access to occupational health? I've found them helpful and they intervened to stop me making my second attempt too soon.


Oh I feel exactly the same Dee3e3e.

I love my job and need to work so am scared of losing it due to endo. I've had quite a bit of time off (signed off by doctors) and am awaiting lap so will be more soon. I am currently doing morning's only with a reduced hours note from.doctor. I am going to see occupational health soon work has referred me. Apparently that's good and helps employers to understand more about the condition.

I really don't want to lose my job. I feel like I'm constantly worried either about that, the pain/symptoms or my upcoming lap ☹ x


I know the feeling, I have just returned from 5 weeks of following the lap! I have chronic fatigue, and I am seeing Occ health next month! I am scared and it is making me more anxious because nobody understands. X


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