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Inflammation in pelvis -- could this be endo?

Hi I am a 27yr old female who weighs 47kg and is 5'3" in height.

I went to my GP yesterday as I have been getting pain, weakness and stiffness in my left thigh and I get this on a cyclic basis - every three weeks without fail.

She asked me if my periods have been regular and I explained my last one came a week late and when it did start it was painless before gradually intensifying in pain.

With the weakness, it's difficult for me to move my leg or lift it - walking isn't an issue as I'm not using much strength as I would be to lift or walk up stairs, but even when I'm doing nothing it feels like I've got elastic bands constantly snapping against my thigh. Strange description but I can't describe it any other way.

She explained that what could be happening is that I've got some form of inflammation in my pelvic area when the period is due and when the inflammation comes about it may be pressing on the nerves in my spine thus causing the leg weakness and pain.

I shouldn't be one to look things up but when I did google it there seemed to be a few descriptions about endometriosis occuring in the spine.

The GP did say to me if the pain is worse or if it bothers me to come back, and I know that as I've been charting the pain/weakness it's due to start soon.

What I can't understand is that up to now I've had pretty much regular periods, I'm not sexually active and for a period to be as late as a week is unusual for me. The GP checked the range of motion in my legs and there was no problem, and she was confident that it wasn't a muscle or bone problem.

Does anyone think that what I have could be endometriosis? I've had blood tests and abdominal ultrasounds which have all come back normal and I've found it really hard to concentrate at work with this pain.

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Sorry I forgot to say thanks so thanks for any light that can be shed on this xx



Well, it could be endo, but you never know it since you actually have a laparoscopy.

When I had the lap I was told that I was really inflammed in my right area of pelvis where the endo was found too.

As for the leg/thigh pain, it is very typical for endo, but it usually comes along with the endo pain on the pelvis and sometimes back pain. At least this is how it happens to me, I have never experienced only thigh/hip pain without having my pelvis pain free! But everyone is different..and you might not even have endo (I trully wish that for you)

Inflammation of the pelvis also happens from infections in the pelvis, I would suggest you do all the tests and checks (smear and for STD etc to exclude cases where you would only need antibiotics). These are the checks that they did to me and when they came back clear, we moved on to the laparoscopy.

I would suggest you book an appointment with a good endo gynae and start recording all your symptoms etc so you can give him a good idea whats going on.

Wishing you luck

Jo x


Hey thanks for getting back to me!!

I've not had sex so I can only assume I have no STDs. Also I've had no smear test for this very reason. I've had recurring bladder infections but this never came with the thigh/hip pain!

Booking an appointment with an endo gynae sounds like a good idea and the GP I do see for this has told me to record all the symptoms for the next two months so just see how it goes.




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