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3 weeks post laparoscopy questions

Evening ladies,

Unfortunately, I'm going to go into gross details in this post...apologies in advance!

I had a lap 3 weeks ago where superficial endometriosis was found and burnt off both of my ovaries. I was initially planning to take a week off work which ended up being 2 and I went back today.

I was feeling pretty lousy up until Thurs of last week but then started to feel well enough to start leaving the house and hence back to work.

However I am now led here in quite a lot of pain. I am having the most problem with my left ovary it's a full ache with shooting pains when I move (esp when sitting down and then standing again) I also got in the bath this afternoon and found a relatively big creamy clot in the bath, I'm presuming this is down to hormones as I had a new Mirena fitted and I am also having pain when passing water but not in a urine infection way.

Please reply if this sounds familiar to you and I am just worrying!!!

Thanks for listening :-)

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Hello trinket. I too had my lap 3.5 weeks ago. I thought I was ok and went back to work wed but by thurs I had to leave at 3. Haven't been back and been signed off another week!! Think have overdone it going out, travelling, stairs etc. Yes am gettibg the pains in ovaries and stabbing /soreness all over stomach. I had Endo burnt all over uterus too. Doc said i need to see consultant but haven't got appt until 24th! Only suggests rest but it's hard to judge what to do without going too far- housework etc. It's just time I'm hoping! Sorry can relate but don't really know what to advise. Maybe but more time off or reduced hour for a while? Hope you feel better soon x


Thanks for your reply :-)

I just came back from the doc's and they have signed me off for the rest of the week. She just said it was too much movement too soon, like you said travelling, walking getting up and down from chair etc.

Just hope it gets better soon as don't want to get in trouble!!


Hi ladies,

Sorry to hear of your experiences - if it puts you at ease at all, it took me a good 6 weeks to get back to work after my first lap and that was only an exploratory one. I had been told it should take 3 - 4 weeks so I felt a bit of a failure for that but I needed to be pretty robust for the daily commute.

Second one was for radical excision and that was 6 - 8 weeks if I remember correctly. Surgeon's estimate was that it should be 2 - 4 weeks (even the nurses smiled and said he is overly optimistic at how quick ladies should recover). Had me attempting to walk up and down the corridor about 50 times the day after the op. All I wanted to do was sleep, ha.

It is definitely once you get outside and out and about that you realise that you dont feel as good as you thought you would. You do feel under pressure to get back to work asap but take it easy and rest up. That is also the thing with keyhole surgery, it is tiny wounds on the outside but you need to give it time for the inside healing - sorry if that sounds patronising :) i dont mean it to be.

Wish you all best with your recoveries. Indulge in reading some books - maybe not Shade of Grey :) Heard so much about that but not read it yet.

Take care

Fran x


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