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pain on the outside of the vagina


7 weeks ago i had surgery for a blocked fallopian tube ovarian cyst(i also have endo but was not ltreated for this during this emegancy surgery)was discharged then re admitted with an infection build up of fluid. when i was readmitted i had the most agonising pain in the vulva area shooting pain that went all of the way up insde me .I had the infection cleared with IV antbiotics and was discharged 7 days later .the last few days the pain has come back in that area not nearly as bad but does take my breath away .Has anyone else had this sort of pain?got a gaeni appointmet next week should i say something or do you think its just another endo pain.any ideas/help much appreciated.xxxx

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I'm not sure if this is endo, my pain is severe from time to time, but continuous too. Sharp, but not a surprise, its there for a long time reminding me the endo!!!!! :/

But every woman is different and it all depends on the location of the endo.

I would suggest you say it to your doctor since you've been through a few things the last period, so he can exclude anything more serious.

Hope you feel better soon

Jo xx


Hi... I would mention this to ur consultant it could be endo related, or possibly some nerve damage during your surgery.. This does take a while to settle down.. Endo also grows its own nerve supply so infact a lot of our pain is nerve related..

Hope it eases soon for you xxx


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