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I had pain for a year in my pelvic region 3 months ago my GP gave me the pill & told me to tak it continuously, since my pain has gone endo?

I had several blood tests, an ultrasound, two types of IBS medication that made me worse and gave me IBS when everything was ok before apart from pain during periods. My GP mentioned endometriosis. I understand a way it is treated is through continual use of the pill. I go back to my GP on Friday. Do I ask about if it's possible that I have endo?

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endometriosis isn't cured by taking the pill however you are advised to take it and there are other medication such as prostap, zoladex and the mirena coil is often used also.

if you think you have endometrosis speak to your doctor about it, it could be possible you have pcos (polycystic ovaries) or endometiosis or both, i have both but didn't find out about the endo until november however had since i was 14 years old im now 21. If your very young periods could just be all over the place since the pain has gone since taking the pill but still speak to the gp

because taking the pill doesn't always help i taken the pill for sometime and i still had severe endo.

do you have any other symptoms for endometiosis?

Best of luck to you.


Reallt sorry I answered my own question instead of typing in the reply box to you....I hope u can c what I put x


I'm 26. I startedy periods at 10 and they have always been really painful. I am always very bloated. I was told my symptoms could be pelvi inflammatory disease. I've never had an STI so I'm not sure how I would get pelvic inflammatory disease. I get pain sometimes when I wee, when the pain is at its worst I actually feel as though I can't tell if I need a wee if that makes sense. I haven't found the drs to be very helpful. They mention endetriosis but don't seem to want to refer me. I dont understand why the pill would minimise the pain. I will ask the dr. Thanks for responding :-)


Im like that when you wee it burns and when you wee only a lil bit wee comes out and its painful, ive never had a STI either so i can't really comment on that i was told it was a infection but it never went away before being diagnosed with endo i was told it was so many things but burning when peein a lot of girls with endo do. It taken me six years to get diagnosed the only way is to keep going to the doctors and telling them what's going on at first they might try and fob you of with pain killers thats what they did with me also but after a while they will give you a laproscopy if you keep telling them about it.

Im the opposite to you because i wish i never had the laproscopy i know in someway it must of helped and i had severe endo but sometimes i think if i didn't know i wouldn't have things that are kinda worrying like if il ever have children.

but everyone's different , the laproscopy didnt help for my pain helped for about 2 months but its been a few months now and the endo came back.

Good luck

if you ever need to talk im here just message me : )


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