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I have my first gynae appointment in a couple of days. I was told 12 weeks ago that I had 3 endometrioma (discovered during a transvaginal

Ultrasound) my period has just started. It should (if it plays fair) have finished by the appointment, do I still go to the appointment or reschedule? They haven't mentioned anything in the hospital letter about my period but have said that they may need to do more tests before I see the gynae.

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he has all he needs to know from the scans.

I was on my period when i went to the gynae for the 1st time, and he decided not to do a manual examnation and just asked me lost of questions instead and we discussed the surgery to remove the two endometriomas that had shown up on the scans.

appointments are so hard to come by, I would just go and let him/her know when you get there that you are on or just coming to the end of a period if they do want to examine you. They may not, but if they do, then tell them then. They are quite used to women being 'on' when they see them. Some ladies visit the gynae because they are hardly ever not 'on'. Please don't worry about it.

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Thanks that helps a lot. By the looks of this my period has ended. It lasted only 7 hours!


When I had scans I was told that endo can't be seen by an ultrasound :/ now I'm confused


I think it can show up but doesn't usually...I didn't but apparently I probably still have it. My scans were clear.


Apparently if they are clear enough and the person reading the scan is skilled enough on a transvaginal ultrasound they can read them. But I am not sure I trust that they knew what it was as when I was in hospital I was given no information at all about the condition, I never saw anyone from gynae and was sent home to sit and wait for 6 weeks for an appointment that was never requested until the six weeks was up. So chances are it may not be endometriosis at all.


It is actually useful for the gynaecologist if you do have your period as this is when the endometrioma will be active. Generally endometriosis can not be seen on a scan but if it has formed a mass then it will be visible.


Thanks, my period is back again it seems as is the sciatica so they should be happy.


I have mine a week today (first one) but have no idea what to expect!

I am pretty much due around then as well but I am still going.

I have written out all my symptoms, medication, a bit about myself and my history but otherwise don't know what I am doing.


Yes go.I had my period as well the gynae did all the test he needed. They don't mind if you have your period


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