Total abdominal Hysterectomy, ovaries, tubes and omentectomy booked for the 24th Sept - very scared but know it needs sorting. 3 hour op!

I went to see my consultant on the 7th Aug and after a long chat I've decided to opt for a hysterectomy. I've been suffering from endo, fibroids for 4 years now and feel I've come to the end of all "treatments". My consultant said he didn't want to fob me off with say zoladex injections as that can cause problems in later years as it hardens the endo etc and would make the operation even harder to do. He said the op will take 3 hours instead of 1.5hours as my uterus is totally stuck to my bowels and wants the bowel consultant to be in there too, I'm really scared, fed up with it all as it's hanging over me every single day. He assured me that my life will totally change for the better which is the hope that I'm clinging on to. I will keep you posted - thanks for reading this. xx

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  • Good luck. I was the same but with me it was my bladder not bowels stuck. I had total abdominal hysto, cervix, tubes and ovaries out. I feel so much better. It is a long healing process afterwards though. xx

  • I am so sorry you are having such a bad time but at least your consultant has been truthful to you and not made you sit through six gruelling months of zoladex which does not do anything (I have had six months and still in immense pain) I hope your surgery makes you feel better.

    I am here if you need to talk to someone.

    Kind Regards


  • hiya wendy can i ask hw old you r ? xx

  • I'm 42 - but my body feels 92 at the moment !!

  • I am in same boat with bladder just undergoing tests for hystectomy.Am on deceptyl to keep me more comfatable til then.Good luck.xx

  • Good Luck Hun - will be sending you lots of hugz :) xxx

  • Thank you everyone for your comments it means a lot. To Chely - I am 42 and I have 1 child who is now 10. We are very lucky to have him as it took me 7 years to conceive.

    To Sarah71 - many thanks for replying and it's so reassuring to have some one saying something positive about a hysterectomy as its not an easy decision to make. Take care everyone xx :)

  • To Uglyducking. I do hope you get things sorted out. I was on Zoladex for 3 months which did help me but I suffered from hot flushed and I could not sleep either :( I'm taking norethiserone which has stopped the bleeding but I'm in pain every day and taking painkillers (which I don't like taking) every day. Thank you again :) xx Good luck with everything too xx

  • I wish you the best of luck with your op and hope that this can be the start of you having a life again!

    As with all treatments and interventions, everyone responds very differently. However I have spoken to four women who all felt that they got there life back following a hysterectomy.

    I am 33 and have suffered for 22 years. I am in the very early stages of my first pregnancy at present however, my plan is to have a hysterectomy within the next five years. I have had enough!!!! I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

    Best wishes,


  • Happy pregnancy :) Try and relax and enjoy it :) I know this may sound daft but you have hope.

    Thank you for the best wishes it does mean a lot :)

  • Hi! I really hope your op is successful, and your consultant is true to his word. I was meant to have 'the full op' last October (after complaining about endo symptoms 7 years ago). I was in theatre for 3 hours. My consultant never did a lap, and only relied on scans and the fact that I had a 'hernia' op 5 months before, that turned out to be ectopic endo. They called bowel & bladder consultants in whilst I was under to try & solve the problem, but to no avail. I have since had six months on Prostap, and I am now on non stop Norethisterone (3 tablets per day) - I even sought a second opinion from a different hospital, but not one consultant is willing to take me on to the risk of a colostomy bag :( Literally gutted, after I had to have my 2 daughter's delivered by c section, then had my appendix removed, a umbilical hernia, then the suspected hernia that was endo, I feel like a patchwork quilt!! :(

    I pray for you & hope everything goes well xx

  • Thank you rainey for the reply it does mean a lot :) I'm currently taking norethisterone and I'm taking 6 a day and have been since April but unfortunately this week I've starting bleeding :( Not sure if this is "normal" or not as I've forgotten what normal is these days!!! I've never been on Prostap so I'm not sure what exactly that is. I do really hope you get yourself sorted. I should be thankful that I've got a consultant who is willing to operate on me and he has told me that there may be a risk that I may end up with a colostomy bag as my womb is totally stuck to me bowel!! We do go through it don't we?? My stomach is awful as I've had a few laps, drains etc! Now I will end up with another scar as I'm having an abdominal hysterectomy :( So another long scar - but it's a small price to pay to get my life back on track. I do hope you get things sorted as it sounds like you have been through the mill!! :) thanks again xxx good luck xx

  • I feel so sorry for you all the hell some of women have been through ,alot of people I know have never heard of endometriosis and yet the levels of seriousness it can cause is unreal ,I really hope you feel much much better after your op and you must rest for a long time good luck xx

  • Many thanks for the reply :) It's such a nasty thing to have and some women say Oh its just painful periods and to get on with it but they don't realise how terrible it is. Some days I'm in so much pain i have to stay in bed for a few hours for the painkillers to kick in. I haven't taken any time off work because of it as I try to get on with it. Hopefully once all my bits and pieces are removed I will be able to get on with my life. x

  • hi there i had a laparotomy and bilateral oophrectomy for endomtiosis. but i, 24, decided i wanted to keep my uterus, incase i could have egg donation. i wish i ahd the bloody thing removed as i has caused me a lot of problems since. i know its daunting surgery but i am sure it must be the right thing for you i f your consultant has suggested it. all will be fine in the end and hopefuuly you will find yourslef pain free.

  • Good luck for Monday. xxxxx

  • Thank you Sarah71 :) I'm trying not to think about it but I will be a nervous wreck on Monday! I have to be at Hospital at 7.30am. There's only me booked in for that day so should get star treatment!! Yeah right this is the NHS. I'm trying to keep it together. xx take care thanks again xx

  • Good luck! Xx

  • I had my total abdominal hysterectomy on the 24th Sept. It all went very well which I am most pleased about. I went down at 9am and back on the ward by 1pm. There must have been about 5 surgeons etc looking after me. There was a bowel expert in with me as my womb was stuck to the back part of the bowel. I was a bit ill afterwards with sickness but apart from that I was fine. My Consultant said the fibroid was very large 3lb and so was the uterus about 20 weeks - no wonder I was in pain. I have a vertical scar about 6 inches long from the belly button :( I have no stiches either. I came home the Friday as I felt fit and well. The Hospital were very good and they did look after me.

    I feel a whole lot better :) It's the best decision I have made considering I have been suffering from endo for 5 years! There is only such much you can take. I know time will tell. I'm due back to see my Consultant in a few weeks to see if I need HRT or not but he thinks that my ovaries were probably not working anyway due to the amount of endo and a large cyst which was full of blood.

    I do have days where I cry for no reason and I feel down. You have to recover on two levels really mentally and physically! Thanks for reading this. xx

  • Hi Wendy, glad to hear your op went well..I have had endometriosis since I was in my early 20s and have had lots of laparoscopys and surgery and zoladex, decapeptyl injections over the years so opted for a hysterectomy on 31st August this year just before my 40th birthday. It was more complicated than normal as my ovaries and cervix were stuck to my bowel, my surgeon managed to free the ovaries but had to leave cervix. I am doing ok but very tired..I was lucky enough to have a lovely daughter 8 years ago which made my life complete and she was my miracle and was thankful for her. Hopefully now myself, you and others who have suffered will get relief after our surgery now. Wishing you well in your recovery.

  • Hi I also am on the waiting list for a full hystectomy due to me having stage four endrometriosis and fibroids and cysts on ovaries, my problem is my bowel is stuck to my womb so I have a slight chance of having a bag, which terrifies me. I'm 39 dissabled due to three level disc disease no children as couldn't have them which when they do it will be so final on the child part, but I couldn't carry a child as it would affect my back, I also have been on decapeptyl for along time I found it fab no periods no pain, but no longer can have them as you can only be on it for so long, I've been told by my gyno that I will be in for four days, and will be cut either upwards or across belly, I'm so scared too I hope to god you get sorted out too, I also have to have a few surgeons with him as its a tricky one, I am due this in April well that's what they say, I'm also going for a assessment in January for it, good luck and hope all goes well for you Natalie

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