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Does anyone suffer from diarrhoea around period or ovalution, I get it at the begining and ending of both, I am on a wheat free diet and take slippery elm bark tablets . Yet is still happens so i take imodium but now finding each month i have to take more tablets to stop it so i can go outside my house on those days. Told the GP and gyne but they want to wait for my 4th laparoscopy operation results.

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I get this every month without fail around both ovulation and period time. I'm guessing it's related to hormones rather than the endo itself because I can pinpoint almost exactly when it's going to happen and for how long

Good luck with your results x


Hi Loubel

I also have the same issue, but only for the first two days of menstruation. Akin to you, I have to plan carefully during this time. I have been eating a plant based diet around this time (about 2 days prior plus during the first two days) and it has made some difference. I have endo on my Pouch of Douglas, plus my right lung. I do wonder if the endo has migrated elsewhere, but due to the lung endo issue, I will only ever have future surgery if it is absolutely necessary as it is now very risky for me to undergo anaesthetic and dilation.

Good luck and do keep us posted if you find a way of managing things :)


yes, me too. used to think i was unlucky and had a stomach bug every month - before i was diagnosed. isn't it part of Dysmenorrhea, which is a secondary condition/symptom of endo? no idea what to do about it, i'm wheat and dairy free veggie and still suffer. i think that the lack of dairy helps, a bit. possibly. x


Thanks for all your comments , may be i try dairy free. have a scan tomorrow


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