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I had a lap to remove cyst and adhesions 2 months ago. Jut finished second period after surgery and post period cramps are back :(

Cyst was on left side, now right side feels painful similar to how left used to feel. Have some bad cramping and it's five days after bleeding has finished. Feeling frustrated and winding why I Ben bothered doing urgery in first place of the pain is till here :(((

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I know how you feel I got diagnosed with Endometrosis while I was having surgery to remove a ovarian cyst, I was back in pain about two days after the morphine was out of my system this was in November and I am constantly going to the doctors or A&E because the pain is so bad but all I get told is to take pain killers (Currently I am on Oxynorm) but the doctors/nurses have no idea how rubbish these tablets are.

Keep your chin up I know it is hard if you need to talk I am here.


Thank you so much for the support. It can be really hard some days, and it is difficult with friends and such as they don't understand why I might not be up for socialising. I feel like sometimes people don't believe me about the pain. I appreciate your support!



I have stage 4 endo had 2 ops and still had no relief from pain :(

Sometimes I wonder the same as you.... Why did I bother going through surgery and get no positive results after! ( endo just keeps growing back!)

Keep your chin up, keep going back to the doctors and make sure you don't give up.



Thank you for the support!


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