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Hi ladies, had lap 6wks ago for endo but still have 2 spots on left ovary and a 2cm spot on rectum. What are the chances of conceiving?X

Yes i still have endo after a big op. Was lead to beleive that I was clear after op but found out from a letter sent to hospital to GP I still have it. I am gutted but at least I am under no 'false pretenses' about why now after the operation I am still suffering pain and exactly the same smyptoms as I was before op. I had endo removed from my bladder, under the uterus, ureter, rectum and had scar tissue removed also. But I later found out about what was left inside me and I also found out my uterosacral ligs had been removed. Before op surgeon told me my left ovary was completely clear, obviously it wasnt and STILL have 2 spots on it and have a 2cm spot left on my rectum. I am so so gutted since I found this BAD news its untrue. All I wanted was to be able to get pregnant and have a baby but I know with endo, even a small spot it makes you infertile. I don't know how to cope with it all yet and would love to hear from others in similar situations and any support would be gratefully appreciated as all around me, are trying but they just don't 'get it'. Thankyou wp22 X

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First of all please relax, things are not so bad as you think!

Having some spots of endo doesnt mean you cant have a baby, I have endo in my right uterosacral ligament and in the fertility check during my lap everything worked fine. It depends where it is and only if it is blocking something you will have trouble conceiving.

You also mentioned that they removed the ligaments, just to clear this...this is impossible as if you had them removed you couldnt feel your bladder at all, the possibility is they just cleared superficially endo from there. I know that because I just saw my gynae and he told me that there are so many nerves there and its important to keep the majority of them as the removal could lead in permanent loss of feeling of the bladder etc.

It is estimated that around 20% of women have endo without knowing it and they have children too. So things are not so bad..oh well except the pain of course! :/

Make a plan with your gynae to see if you need any further treatment or if it is good for you to start planning pregnancy soon.

Wishing you all the best

Jo x


Snap! LOL! :D x



Having endometriosis doesn't automatically mean that you'll never have a baby. It very much depends on where the endo is and how it's affecting your system.

I have grade 4 endo which has fused all of my organs and only one ovary and tube left after constant cysts on my left side just destroyed it. Technically it should have been impossible, but I was falling pregnant really easily. Unfortunately I had a non-endo related problem that caused recurrent miscarriages, but the getting pregnant part was no problem at all.

Speak to your consultant, he/she will be the best person to advise you, but don't automatically assume the worst :)

Good luck

C x


Thanks for your reply's.

I was tested for nk cells and it came back that they were very high, (this was infact before my lap) so this means pregnancy is not likely without the help of immune drugs, don't know if you are aware of this medication. I too had my right ovary stuck down, my rectum was stuck down to the top of my vagina and had a lot of scarring. I am in agony since my op and my second af is 3 days late. Im sick of being in pain and no amount of pain killers do the trick. I could handle all of this if I had the baby I so desire as my mental state is a mess because of this. I have no other health issues and have had endo pains now for 4 yrs. Prior to this I could get pregnant no problem, this is why I am so down about it as before my pains I was highly fertile. So it makes sense my body is telling me theres something in there that should'nt be there and I can't get pregnant. Don't know what to do as it is nearly inpossible to get hold of the immune drugs I need to help me .

wp22 X


Hello again

NK cells were eventually blamed for my miscarriages but they never stopped me getting pregnant. I wonder if it's the NK cells causing the problem rather than the endo in your case?

It was four or five years ago now, but the treatment we had for the NK cells made me feel worse than I ever had in my entire life. Admittedly I was 42 at the time so it was the natural time to give up anyway, but ugh, I couldn't even THINK of trying to get pregnant when I was having that treatment.

Are you seeing a fertility consultant?

C xxx


Hi Chrissie66,

From what I understand there are two types of nk cells, when it comes to pregnancy. Theres the ones that are responsible for miscarriage and the ones that are responsible for implantation failure. Mines the inplantation one so as they are high I can't even get pregnant, I had them tested before I had surgery so I suppose I imagine these have reduced in number as believe most nk cells are short lived. Do you mind telling me what treatment you had for your nk cells. I have had intralipids to try and reduce mine, had 1 infusion and it did.t work as I had IVF. I think they didn;t prescribe the correct amount. I would have needed at least 3 times what they in their 'PROFESSIONAL' opinion told me was plenty. What a waste of money and building our hopes up unnessesarily. wp22 x


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