possible hormone issue

i had an appointment to start gnrh again , when i got there the temperary consultant has advised me that he isnt wanting me to have the next lot of injections and has requested bloods to be done as he thinks theres something wrong with my hormones as my periods havnt come back since stopping gnrh in may and ive put a stone on in weight since stopping the injections ( my eating has lessend ) and im not pregnant , anyone else had this problem whos periods havnt come back after gnrh?

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  • Hi, i had my last 3month injection in April, still no period but my sweats have gone worse day and night, starting to regret them now!!!!,never had HRT, going for the merina on 20th, dont know whether to get that now.

  • Hi conker, I tried a mirena coil back in march and as soon as it was put in it caused nothing but pain, this carried on and at the end of the month it fell out causing absolute agony. Then I went to the doctors I was told it would not reach my endo as it only secretes small doses which do not leave the womb and as for it stopping the bleeding I bled all through the month and stopped a 2 week after it came out and I've been in agony ever since, but that's just my experience it may work for you but if not don't hesitate to let your doc no your not happy. Also I am planning on having gnrh for a year after op and would like to know if anyone has had problems with cycles starting again or anything else. Thanks and good luck to you all getting better.

  • Hi, I had my last injection in feb and still no period. I too put on lots of weight when not taking the hrt. Saw consultant a few weeks ago who put me back on hrt and he thinks that my periods will come back but doesn't know when. He did say that it is unusual as periods usually start again by about 10 weeks. I am not convinced mine will ever come back! Everyone is different. Hope it works our for you please post how you get on x

  • ive just put a blog about it, im not sure if mother nature has made her self known or if its something else. bleeding like ive never experienced since starting my periods as young teenager. had to change my bedding twice in the night so i rang my gyne secratary this morning whos response was less than appreciated . and its come to light that my actual gyne has come back off long term sick and she will have a word with him and let me know his response , does anyone else have a point of contact they use if worried etc at the hospital as it always seems that i have to make an appointment a month later to discuss my issues that i have .

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