Need some advice please :)

Hi ladies,

I am four weeks post op and wa stock I had some endo removed from my bowel (I had already been diagnosed with it in a previous lap) I haven't had my follow up yet, to on the 21st.

However, I'm now experiencing burning and stabbing pains in my groin on both the left and right side. The area it is in is about the size of a ten pence piece.

Anyone got any idea what this pain could be or what I can do to reduce it?

Thank you for reading :) hope your all well

Emily xx

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  • Hi, I had that and on occasions still do. I lost 6.5 pints of blood after my lap thru various complications, I was told the remnant pain is due to that, after 8 courses of antibiotics, as I had another lap 8 months later and had lots of blood clots in my pelvis. That can occur when you have Endo removed. Could be that. hope it settles soon for you. Xx

  • Its probably the operation which needs time to heal. I'm impressed with the courage you had to go under the knife as I personally am not keen on it. I suffer from pco but even though I'm not happy I try to do natural things to heal it. How about eating polenta and maizen they are foods known to help with the gynaecological system. And make sure you allow time without sex as this can also trigger pain. Otherwise take it easy with plenty of rest. After all coming out ok of an operation is an achievement in itself so good luck!

  • Hi there, I suffer from endo on my bowel but have not had surgery but I do suffer from that sharp pain you are describing on my RHS only. it's excruciating and also a spot as big As 10p. what I found is from Chinese acupuncture that you find those spots are on certain meridians and if you get some acupuncture this could help alleviate the pain. I started au puncture with a chinese doctor 2 mnths ago and the pain has greatly reduced.

  • Hi ladies thank you for your replys, as long as its nothing to majorly stress over I'm happy :) I guess I can tell my gyn when I go for my follow up and see what he says!! Thank you again .

    Emily xxx

  • Hi Emily, I had a lap hysterectomy, removal of my ovaries and endo removed from bowel in April. I had, and still have on occasion, similar pains. My specialist nurse said its not unusual to have pain like this following surgery. It can be due to remaining endo and the overall healing process. As long as it improves and doesn't worsen, I'd say hang in there!

  • Hi beks, thank you for your reply that has put my kind at we a little! I guess I'll just have to wait and see what my gyn says at the follow up and find out if he managed to remove all the endo etc

    Emily xxx

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