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Need advice please :-)

Hi everyone I need some advice please, I was told last year I was never going to be able to have children, well they were wrong I have a 5 week old son now. The advice I need what would be the best way to help with the pain? After not having any for 9 months I forgot how much the pain affects me not just physically but emotionally too. I see the Dr in 2 weeks but want to be prepared in case they try and send me away without pain relief. Thanks for your help xx

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If you're breast feeding I think paracetmol is the only thing you can take. Otherwise they will probably give you that in combination with codeine (cocodamol) and maybe tramadol as well (before trying higher opiates). Other options would be ponstan (mefenamic acid) or ibuprofen (diclofenac) though I would avoid the latter as if taken daily it can mess up your tummy.

Good news is, now the baba is out you can use heat pads and hot water bottles. Massage and acupuncture are great ideas for natural management as well as taking up the endo diet.

Congratulations on your little boy!

Hope you feel better soon xxx


Thanks for all your advice will try & get some stronger pain killers as the cocodamol doesn't work at all for me and heat pads and hot water bottles are only a temporary solution as soon as there cold the pain comes instantly :-( thanks for your help xxx


If your not taking any medication I find heat helps a lot ! I use the deep heat spray or a hot water bottle and in all honesty keeping mobile helps me too xx so happy to hear you proved them wrong with the little one congrats xx


Unfortunately heat is only a temporary solution for me as soon as it goes cold the pains back :-( or if I have a hot bath soon as I'm out the pain hits me instantly :-( yes I was pleased to prove them wrong though he did like lying where all the endo is causing all kind of pains which was difficult to tell if it was the endo or labour towards the end. But thank you for your help xxx


Remember the cocodamol can constipate so if you've bowel endo it can cause more harm than good. Also I found that taking something every 2 hrs helped (when the pains really bad) ie. Instead of taking all meds at once every 4 hours - say take paracetamol and tramadol at 8am, codeine at 10am then the first combo again at noon etc.

I did end up wired to the moon on painkillers so honestly is better to just try to get comfortable, rest more and use alternative solutions.

Good luck xx


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