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bladder, driving and endo

hi all hope today is a good one :)

i've got two questions does anyone have endo in their bladder, had 2nd lap as endo on tubes from kidneys to bladder urologist did a cystoscopy and took biopsy but both he and gyne dr on hols no one to ask as not sure if blood is from bladder or elsewhere?

also does anyone else find driving painfull just certain times of the month.

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Hi there, I have endo on my bladder , I was giagnosed after a clot formed from my kidney and it was from the endo that caused it, i don't know how long I had been bleeding into my kidney and bladder to form the clot however , I'm still waiting to see my gyni since having my first lap in january as having gnrh injections atm so im sorry I'm not much help as its new for me xx I hope things get sorted for you tho xxxx


Yes i find driving painful in certain times of the month, which is not good as i need to drive for my job. i just been told my endo has come back and they are going to do another lap.



I have had endo removed from my ureters, none found in bladder. I have been diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis, which is chronic inflamation of bladder wall. I get pain when sitting for longer than 20 mins, this can be anywhere, i think driving is worse because of the position your sat in? Good luck with finding out a little more X


I too have had 2 laps and endo removed from bladder the first time and then both ureters i have bleeding my consultant felt it may be due to a combination of both. I am still experiencing back pain 4weeks post op have you got any pain?


Because of endo outside my bladder, I've twice had sections of my bladder removed which has led to frequent infections and pain sitting and driving just as described here. I'd recommend Cystistat installations - a liquid coating (sort of an artificial lining), which is put into the bladder by catheter. It is also used for Interstitial Cystitis. For me, this has really kept the infections, frequency and discomfort under control - not sure how widely available it is.


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