What should I expect of my first consultation with a specialist?

I am seeing Tyrone Carpenter at Dorset Endometriosis Centre on Monday and am so desperate for the appt - but I am concerned that I am expecting too much - considering anything that happens afterwards will have to be on the NHS. Would be really helpful to have an idea of how long the appt is likely to go on for and what to expect? Thankyou

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  • Hi, I'm not sure if we're allowed to discuss individuals but I'll see if I can private message you.

  • Hi. That is great you are getting to speak to a specialist. I don't live in Dorset so have no knowledge or experience of the mentioned specialist.

    When I saw a Gyno, they basically asked me about my symptoms, felt my pelvic area, did a cervical examination and smear. Then discussed pain relief. I was in for about 30 mins approx. But I am sure everyone's first appointment may differ.

    Hope all goes well for you xx

  • Thanks squidgy, gynae hav done lap etc but i still have pain x

  • oops! Sorry!

    I have heard on here that some ladies have had more than 1 Lap. So if you have only had one they may suggest try another to remove more of the endo? Or I guess they may suggest other pain relief. Or they could be useless and look at you as if to say "what do you expect me to do about it?..get on with it!". I hope it is not the latter and I doubt it should be as u seeing a specialist.

    I hope all goes well on Monday for you x :-)

  • Hi! I'm seeing this consultant too on Monday, I have seen him before. How do we pm each other through here if you want to that is? I think it's a food plan to write down your questions x

  • Love ur name! What time is ur appt?x

  • Haha! Liked yours too, I'm 4.40 at the Harbour, am paying :-(. What time is yours? x

  • Ah, I am at 4 at the harbour :-) ur welcome to email vicky.duddridge@btinternet.com and we can prime each other with our histories! No worries if not!x

  • Hi Vicky! Yes, I will email you later this afternoon, we can swap stories! I will probably see you come out! Speak soon x

  • It might help to go to Endo UK website and go to 'information' and you can download a pre-diagnosis pack with a helpful questionnaire to take with you to your consultation. it really helps to write everything down on a sort of timeline and give it to consultant.

  • Ah thanks Hilary, have just followed your advice xx

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