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Just a wee catch up lol feel the need to vent

Hi all, as i have said above, i feel that I need to vent. Well I went to get an ultrasound and no cysts were found so yay on that front but i felt that the nurse didnt believe me that I might have endo. I am waiting until the 30th July to see my GP to hopefully get referred to see a Gyno and then to get a lap.

Decided to have a period for this month which was last week and omg it was not good. I felt that I needed one as I am not on mini pill im on Microgynon and I dont think you are meant to not have a period on that so I had one and it was clots and well dark dark blood but not a lot of it, mainly small to larger clots (sorry for the full details) and I was in agony. Last Friday and Saturday i was in sooo much pain, my back was so sore that I could hardly walk. I have been on my own as well as family are in Australia so it hasnt been easy to get stuff done around the house due to the pain.

Me and my boyfriend were finally getting back on track and then the pain and other relationship bs happened and its all just too much. I am feeling so isolated and depressed its unbelievable. My appetite has gone again which isnt good since need to take painkillers with food!! Just when I started to feel better the pain came back in full force. I am exhausted with it. I feel like I am going to have to fight to see a gyno then fight to get a lap since no cysts were found. Already tired so dont think im going to have the energy to fight to see a result :(

I really dont know how much more I can take.

Rach xx

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Everyone needs to vent sometimes, so vent away! Sorry you feel so beaten down today, I'm really struggling today as well so I feel for you x

Personally, I think print off your post and show it to the GP and that should be enough to get a referral! You are suffering symptoms, which are now having a real impact on your life/general wellbeing so I can't see why you wouldn't get referred for further investigation to see whats going on, if its endo or something else etc. Fingers crossed all you need to do is blurt that out at the GP and you'll get a referral - I was nearly in tears when I walked into my GP appointment, that seemed to work!

Re the ultrasound nurse - I commented at my first scan that my GP thought it was endo and I didnt get any reaction from the sonographer/nurse, it annoyed me at the time as I felt she dismissed what I said but try not to dwell on it as they don't comment on anything much as its not their job and no-one knows for sure until they do a lap.

I read your posts and its so similar to me, I am literally only a few months ahead of you so if you ever what to chat pm me

Hayls x


Hi Hayls,

I just feel really emotional today, my back is agony and iv only managed to eat half a sandwich, just took naproxen so im hoping that will kick in soon. If it doesnt then i may scream, i need to hoover and clean the kitchen which invloves emptying the dishwasher which is not going to be good. My mum and sis arent back until Wednesday so I have time but I cant just lie on the couch cause I have well housework and uni work to do, both can wait but I just feel so useless. I need my bf tonight but he has a chest infection and well I dont want that on top of this pain haha.

I went to Boots today and managed to speak to the pharmacist and she was shocked that I am only 22 and having to deal with this. She gave me the Feminax in the blue box and said to take that then if pain is still bad take paracetomal, like paracetomal works haha but she was more helpful than my GP since I have to wait so long to see her.

I have kept a diary of my symptoms when they are worse but i forget to write in it most of the time but I am trying to keep a note. I think I will be in tears when I see my GP. I hope my mum can come to this one with me since she couldnt come to the hosp with me as shes in Australia until Wednesday, She is trying to understand but she cant, I mean yeah shes probably going thru that lovely woman stage soon but she feels helpless and I play down how im feeling when she was here and when she has phoned me.

So have you been diagnosed with Endo or just in limbo at the moment?

Rach xx


Hopefully the naproxen will do something - but seriously ditch the house work for today! My house keeps ending up as a bombsite as I can't keep on top of it when I feel really bad, loading the washing machine had me in tears a few weeks ago and I nearly passed out!

I have literally just been properly diagnosed - 2 weeks ago! So I know the limbo land feeling well! Now that its been confirmed I am also angry at some things that have happened over the past few months as I could have easily been knocked back quite a few times and would still be in the dark. Although the result really wasn't very good, severe endo and much worse than anyone had thought (one consultant even told me very very bluntly about 6 weeks ago that it defintely was not endo!), I do feel better for knowing for sure now but its been a very difficult few weeks and after a lengthy discussion with my gynae I now need to decide what I want to do as treatment is quite limited for me.

I'm 28 and have found it really hard, at 22 it would have knocked me sideways so its completly understandable for you to feel as you do. Hopefully your mum will come home and give you a big hug! Don't play down how you are feeling to her, she's your mum and will want to help you even if she doesn't fully understand. I'm lucky in that my mum went through bad gynae stuff for 25yrs so she completely understands (and as a result my dad is very well informed on gynae stuff and knew loads more than me to start with!) but it also means that unfortunately I saw what she went through and how bad it was at times :( , but upside to that is my whole family are also very aware so have been trying to help!

Hopefully in the time its taken me to reply the naproxen has kicked in and you've fallen asleep! xx


Hi Rach,

Sorry to hear it is getting you down. It took me a long time to get diagnosed and I did have to fight to get a laproscopy. You have to be determind to explain to your doctor that the pain is too much when you see the gyni. I explained it to my doctor when I finally got the hosp app that I needed the lap doing. He kept asking if the pain was managable and this angered me as I couldnt be more clear that it was effecting my life in a really negative way. I dont know why they dont listen and take people seriously when they go for a appointments regarding the possibility of endo.

Keep strong and be determind to get your point accross.

Good Luck



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