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Pudenal nerve injections for pelvic pain


I recently had a pudenal nerve injection to try and reduce pelvic pain associated with my endo. It does not appear to have done any good which is quite disappointing as this is one in a long line of things I have tried. The consultant said its more about pain management and may not provide long term relief, but five days after the injection (which was very painful) I dont feel any better. If anything I feel worse. Does anyone else have experience of this injection? Good or bad?

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I was due to have one but decided against it as new it might not help....my gp has referred me to a pain clinc now to manage my pain.. They are really good at managing your pain.

Also perhaps you could try acupunture it really helps..

Sorry your in pain put if your not already under a pain clinc it would help if you've could get a referral. It's certainly no fun being in constant pain :/( x

@jewels, thank you so much for your reply:) ya i am also being managed by the pain clinic. they recommended me this injection and were quite optimistic about its possibiliites. is it possible to have accupuncture on nhs? because i did try a few sessions but i just couldnt afford it. xx

I have stage 4 endometriosis and have had surgery 4 times and now think I have nerve damage. I have bladder pain (feels like infection for six months) but no infection, urethral pain, pain in the top of legs/buttocks and pain on sitting down too long. I beleive it is pudendal nerve damage but I have been told that nobody in the UK does any nerve blocks or treats pudendal nerve pain. Can anyone tell me where I can get help with this on the NHS! My Consultant says there is nowhere to refer me to and I am in agony every day. thanks

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here in Brazil, Dr. Ricardo Mendes Alves Pereira from Albert Einstein Hospital have done this nerve block on me, in the pudendal nerve, 8 months ago and i'm quite ok

Nicole124 in reply to tobydog9

I'm going through the same pain along with endometriosis, surgeries..ets Look on Glendale's post she has lodes information I'm getting nerve blocks for pudendal their injections doesn't take to long costly though! I read there is doctors in the UK I forgot he's name I'll let u know, I'm in the USA, S, Florida many good doctor here I have Endo excised 3 times it comes back it grows inside feeding on estrogen what yr ovaries give out, so had that removed JOY, JOY just kidding...I was about to lose my mind with this condition pudendal nerve damage, but gangaloin block & pudendal helped 50-60% sometimes feels like 30-40 so my doc will do it again next wk they should last 1 yr to 5 years depends on the person!! I could go on..

i had a pudenel nerve injection on the nhs. just ask to be referred to the pain management clinic at ur local hospital. for me it didnt help at all. hope it works for you, and sorry to hear you are in pain:( xx

I had one last week and haven't had such bad pain since before my last op at some moments. So I can't say it's done me much good personally but as always it's different for each woman! The injection itself was very painful on my right side especially where i have Endo growing but not so bad on the other side where they removed it in surgery some months ago. They ran out of time to remove it all. I didn't have sedation which speeded it up and it was all over in minutes, which was great and the nurses were lovely, although I had to wait many many hours to get seen. I had five minutes last night on and off of scarily intense pain, like plyers pulling my ovary out of my vagina type pain. I could barely move for hours and couldn't stop shaking. I get that feeling a lot but this was extra crazy force. I still have Endo that needs removing so not sure if it works if there is still active pain. Apparently there is an 80 percent success rate, so who knows!

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Just to add, it's been a week and a half since I had the injection.

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