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First appointment with endo nurse tomorrow

Hellooo, I have my first appointment with an endo nurse tomorrow due to suspected endo. I get quite anxious when going to doctors etc so I am a bit worried about going. The outcome I want is to be referred for a laparoscopy to be officially diagnosed, as I really don't want to be on hormone treatments (which are currently just messing up my cycle anyway... brown blood for like 2 weeks when usually its just a few days before proper period!) if there is nothing wrong with me to begin with. However I am worried they won't offer this and will just go on symptom management or whatever and be offered more hormone treatments without really officially knowing. Do we have a right to choose how we are treated? I don't even know. I feel like there should be a right to choose what you take and I personally am not comfortable with being on hormone therapies from contraceptives, it's just not a road I want to go down if there are other paths!

Anyway think I am just worrying in general. Thanks :) xxx

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Hey!! I didn't realise there was endometriosis nurses... I went to my gp where she then got me an urgent referral to gynae. Once I saw the gynacologist he then referred me to get a laparoscopy. Maybe the nurse can do refer you for one. I'm sure it wouldn't do any harm asking her.



Hey :) my appointment is at a specialist endo centre, I think at these centres it's quite common to see an endo nurse first but I'm not sure :)

Yeah I just need to try and be firm about my thoughts instead of just trying to please other people all the time haha! Xxx

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How do you find one of these centres? I've only just been diagnosed after 4 years suffering but now I feel like I have loads of questions and maybe an endo nurse would be the perfect person to answer them for me.

Yes you definitely do!! It gets frustrating after a while as well when no one will listen or you have to repeat your symptoms!! Let me know how it goes tomorrow and good luck :) xxx


If you live in England (and I think Wales?) you can ask to be referred to them. I think if you live in Scotland and Ireland you can't. I might have got the countries mixed up. But you can definitely get referred if you're in England.

They are BSGE accredited centres. I think this is the link to them: bsge.org.uk/ec-BSGE-accredi...

I've heard good things about the nurses people have seen, and that they have been given their phone numbers and emails so they can ask them questions and things so might be worth you looking into it :)

Thanksss! Hopefully it will go to plan!! xxx


It went well :) the nurse was really nice and has referred me on to a consultant to have a potential laporoscopy as she thinks that's the best move forward and it makes sense to me too xx


Glad it went well for you. At least things are moving forward. Did she say how long you are expected to wait to see the consultant.

Thank you for sending me the link I will have a look at it :) xxx


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