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Anyone on prostap? How long does it take to work?

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It differs for everybody - in my experience though, the side effects hit almost immediately, and the benefits can take a few weeks!

Stick with it though if you can. It'll be worth it :)

Good luck x


I'm on add back too so no side effects thankfully. Thanks.


Just want the pain to go!!!


Hi ladybird. I agree with Chrissie it can take a few weeks for the benefits of prostap to take effect although everyone reacts differently to it. It may not be until you have your second injection< if you're on the monthly injections> that you notice a difference. I was reluctant to have the injections but after trying other treatments it was the only option left and I honestly felt very well on it. So much so I wished I'd tried it earlier!

Good luck


Thanks, I will stay positive!


Hi Ladybird,

I am due my fourth injection on thursday this week - I have found that yes my monthly cycle is none existent bad but every day I suffer an increased dull ache. I still have the symptoms of my period being due a week before and I have so many side affects which kicked in within days surprisingly though I am yet to experience hot flushes or night sweats. I stayed postitive thinkin its going to work, its going to help within a few weeks i shall be pain free, however this positivie outlook died around 2weeks ago.

Within the last 4-6 weeks i have been off my food, tenders breasts, sleeping as many hours possible and sometimes entire weekends with moods darker than the weather, from day one though i have been experiencing daily nausea, swelling stomach and dizzy/light headedness. I personally cant wait to come off them as i think id rather suffer the pain minus these side affects.

I hope ive not scared you, i just thought you should know as everyone reacts differently and I hope that the outcome of the injection helps you :-) I never read up on the side affects until a few weeks ago as i thought it was just me being a hypochondriac, as soon as i read them though i thought, yup its all down to this stupid jab.

Good Luck and remain positive! xx

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You poor thing, I haven't had any side effects at all. Are you taking the HRT addback therapy as well? I was pain free for first 2 weeks which was amazing and then last 4 days or so it came back with avengence! I'm staying with my parents at the moment because I broke my leg 2 months ago (from being drowsy on morphine!) and so the local GP won't give me as strong painkillers as my own one in London. Stay strong babe! xx


Back in April the consultant i am under said they could give me HRT for the symptoms if they became unbearable but this would reverse the effects of the injection so he doesnt like doing it. He said i would experience mainly night sweats and hot flushes of which i havent had :-S I dont know if this is something i should concern myself with or see it as a good thing. I am counting the weeks thinking in 8 weeks all this would have worn off, yipee! but then i think well i wonder whats round the corner.

Thats awful about breaking your leg! I hope your parents are treating you like a princess and waiting on you hand and foot - quite literally :-) They offered me morphine but my dad is on it while waiting for neck surgery, ive seen what it does to him so i have refused it for the time being.

Is this your first injection? You are so lucky you were pain free for 2 weeks, my first two weeks i was unable to do simple daily tasks like get out of bed the pain was just incredible. thankfully that has eased but i am left with a constant daily ache.

I will stay strong - i will however look like the hulk by the time christmas comes - just without the whole green thing he has going on, hehe! xx


That's a shame you can't have the HRT, my consultant said it is putting only a negligible amount of oestrogen back into your system because your body needs it. Also to prevent things like osteoporosis developing - and I've got a broken bone so I'm especially worried about that. I thought the prostap was supposed to start working really quickly, surely if it's not working for you then they should stop - it may be doing more harm than good?

Yes, it was my first one - I had 3 months of the nose spray (synarel) before but the consultant changed it to prostap because I still had a period which shouldn't have happened so he said my body wasn't absorbing the nose spray enough.

Hoping my leg gets better soon, my parents have been amazing but I'm desperate to get back in the car and go out! Also they're away in 2 weeks so I'll have to go back to London. Am not taking any more painkillers when I'm in London (too many stairs in my flat) from having fallen down the stairs on the morphine! Just hope I can cope with it.

Really want to get back to work - will need to find a job that I can do from home some days - I used to be a PA and was really good at it but don't think I can do that anymore! Had to stop working because I was taking so many days off, and it was only a temp job so no sick pay :(


Ive not heard of the nose spray, what does that do? They could tell me to stand on my head for a month after this course of injections - id even give that a go haha!

The one thing they did stress to me about was the bone density, do they know you have broken your leg? Im not surprised your worried, you dont want it to cause any adverse effects.

I am back to my consultant on the 28th August, i am determined to see if the 4th will change anything, at least i ca say ive done as they requested. Im not looking forward to it but at least i can say ive tried it.

How long have you been off work? I imagine if you were to go back to being a PA you would have to find a job share, which i imagine are very few and far between. I wish i could drop to part time but having my own place and car it makes that impossible. Im in HR and love it but some days when im walking with my trousers unbuttoned, not eaten anythin and cant sit comfortably because my pelvis literally feels on fire but immoveable i wonder if its all worth it. Unfortunately i am temping so no sick pay either, last year i had 6weeks off with 2 laps and had only 3 weeks holiday accrued, for 3 weeks i was on SSP which one weeks worth covered my council tax :-(

Be careful when you go home! Its catch 22 i imagine for you though, dont take painkillers and be crippled or take them and be crippled after breaking a bone. Have you looked at moving to a ground floor flat/masonette? Just food for thought :-)


Yes, I my consultant knows about my leg, he said as I'm on HRT I shouldn't be having bone density problems. My leg is healing relatively quickly thankfully. I can walk slowly without the crutches. Just need to be able to drive again - hurt my left leg and don't have an automatic!! My parents' place is really out in the Kent countryside, so lovely but a bit lonely not being able to go anywhere, only with them.

Been out of permanent employment since March 2010. I was getting awfully stressed with breakdown of marriage so stopped working for a bit. Luckily I had a bit of savings. Split up with husband in Oct 2010. Then got divorce through last year. Have had some temp jobs, one company in London has been really good and kept giving me new jobs. But since July last year I've been getting this awful pain. Ended up in hospital for a week in August while they tested & scanned everything. Got the mirena coil put in in November 2011 but pain and bleeding was continuous getting worse so they took out coil. Started the synarel nose spray but that wasn't working either, so now on prostap. Have just been added to waiting list for laparoscopy to confirm if I do have endo. I hope they do find what's wrong but I don't want it to be endo, but I'm more nervous of them finding nothing and telling me I'm imagining the whole thing! Am thinking of finding somewhere that does acupuncture. I can't stand putting so many drugs through my system!!

I'm hoping to move out of London soonish. But I wanted to get back into work first so that I know my position financially, then start looking for somewhere to move to. Think I'll have to get a part-time job, gutting when I know how much money I could get in a decent job. Knowing my luck the pain will probably scupper that job too!


I was given Prostap after diagnosis in april and excision surgery.

I stopped having any pain around 4 weeks after but then 2 weeks later it came back and was coming an going for around 4 weeks, now it has settled down and just get a couple of niggles here and there.

I am suffering badly with night sweats and hot sweats during the day but more or less pain free so coping with this.

Been back to my consultant today for check up and 2nd injection - feeling sore, groggy and achy at the min - he said v. good that the pain is so much better and it will be getting better all the time but could be another couple of months before 90 - 100% pain free.

keep with it if its working for you at all it will take time.

Good luck xx


Thanks so much xx


Before you broke your leg did you find driving difficult? I am looking into getting an automatic when i have finished paying the finance on the one i have, it will kill me as im a bit of a lad when it comes to cars but right now im dreadin finishing work as i live 20miles away and i have shooting pains going from my left hip (in an inch) and down to my knee then leg. Ive got twinged on my right side which i get standard daily. Clutch control will just aggrevate it.

Sorry to hear about your divorce, with everything else you were facing at the time that must have been horrendous. I currently work in HR for a recruitment company, its a huge worldwide agency and i got the job through one of their divisions, the are lovely people and have offices all over the UK, if you decide to start looking i can pass you onto one of them if it will help- they deal with Temp and Perm across many backgrounds. It makes a difference if you find a lovely team to work with, the guys here are so supportive which makes such a difference.

I am surprised they have given you the prostap without confirmation of it being Endo. I completely understand with your comment on hoping its not Endo but hope they find something. I was diagnosed last may after 8years of back and for GP visits, i was hoping theyd find something but i was thinkin that they were going to send me packing as they found nothing and i must be a hypochondraic. I was completely gutted when they told me what they had found and with all the added complications it has caused, i was only slightly relieved that the pain wasnt in my head.

Would you mind letting me/this site know how you get on with accupuncture? It would be very interesting to find out first hand how it goes :-)



Prostap took 3 months for me to work before my pain stopped completely. The only side effects I get are everything to do with menopause and I was only 33 when I started on the Prostap and I've got to be on it long term cos if I come off it I'm in pain really bad and end up in hospital. The side effects I get from menopause are really bad hot flushes daily, weight gain (from size 6/8 to 10/12) hair thining, headaches and my brain freeze constantly but I don't have the severe pain like I had before I started on Prostap. However (I've just started a thread) I've just started with pain in my left ovary and top of my womb is really sensitive to touch and I can feel it hurting when I moved around so I wondering if Endo can return whilst being on Prostap as my pain and periods went completely when I started prostap it's just menopause side effects that do my head in but rather have them symptoms than any endo pain I had that left me in hospital every month and being called a morphine addict only 5 stone 10 lb cos it took them 9 years to diagnoise me.


Thanks for your reply. I had my 2nd injection last Monday and the pain has gotten lots worse in the last week. Have been taking dihydrocodeine everyday and sometimes need oxycodone as well. Had to stop morphine cos I fell down the stairs and broke my leg (because I was so tired). Am not doing anything day to day, just wake up, take pills, get tired, can't function on anything! Got a party on Thursday I really want to go to but am certain I can't. I have cancelled on so many people so many times, I know I won't get invited again. Depressed.


Hang in there it took me 9 years to get the bottom of things, you need to be strong and assertive with the docs otherwise the docs will just ignore you. On your 3rd injection ask them to give you an Injection that lasts for 3 months instead of going back every month for an injection. I have 3 monthly ones but cos I was so severe with endo I think it took a good 3 months before I started to notice the changes. hope this helps x