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Hysterectomy and ovaries

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Hello there

I had removal of sever endo and cysts last November. However the team have looked at my pathology report and say I need a total hysterectomy - to prevent it turning cancerous (whilst its benign now it has what is called 'unknown maligancy potential'!).

He said it was up to me on whether to keep my ovaries - both have had cysts removed and one still really hurts..so they might be back. He said I could remove them to prevent me from having future op. Basically I think I'm fine mentally about losing my little old womb. But I'm just worried about any side effects.

I don't know whether to have my ovaries removed. I know it will help in terms of pain and preventing future cysts. But I am also worried about having a sudden menopause (he said I shouldn't take HRT due to endo). As well as hot flushes - I heard people can get depressed and also there could be longer terms impacts on osteoparosis etc. If I left them in - wouldn't they just shrivel up anyway?

Also I'm worried about urinary probs and prolapses after having a hysterectomy - does excersie/pelvic floor excercises help?

Also how long on average did people take off office based work?



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Hi, how old are you, I had a hysterectomy in July last year overies left in, I'm 40, I'm now being put in a temporary menopause with injections to see if consultant should remove overies when he performs a laparoscopy in a few months, he said I would be advised to take hrt due to age, good luck with your future xx

Hi pip jus had total hysterectomy with removal of both tubes a d ovaries along with excision on Thursday. I'm 42 the actual op went well although was very complicated . Everything was stuck together. Needed work on my bowel and uteras ( the tubes that go from kidneys to bladder). Had internal bleed after and needed a blood transfusion. I'm now home and on antibiotics and iron tablets. And apart from a problem with my spine and mild discomfort ( no pain) I can't believe how good I feel. Was mor uncomfortable after my lap last year. My surgeon wants me to go on hrt but also wants to leave it for a couple of months while everything styles down. I work in a very busy catering business and I'm initially signed off for six weeks, but I've been told that because of the nature of my job it could end up being closer to twelve. But I will have to wait and see how I feel. If I keep improving the way I am I don't think it will be that long. But I also now that I don't want rush back to work before my body is ready. Good luck with whatever you decide to do and I hope this has been of some help. I know there are a lot of horror stories out there about hysterectomy so just wanted to let you know there are good ones too. So far for me (although I know it's still early days) I do feel it was the best thing I could of done. Take care Hun and if you have any questions let me know.

Hi I'm 47 and had a total hysterectomy and bowel resection last year after many years of suffering grade 4 endo and adenomyosis. I was fortunate to have it done laparoscopically and had little pain after even though it was v long complicated procedure. I was started on HRT the next day, driving after 2 weeks and back to work after 4. I can honestly say it was best decision and I continue to feel amazing. I knew I felt awful before but didn't realise quite how terrible I felt all the time as you just get on with it.

It is a big decision to make but for me it has been a very positive experience

Good luck

It depends how old you are. I wouldn't want no oestrogen/progesterone for too long as it does impact your bones and heart.

Could you keep one?

I don't know the answer and I'm facing the same thing at 25 xxx

Hi, I'm 36 and waiting for a hysterectomy. I was told I could choose whether or not to keep an ovary. I have decided to keep one so hopefully I will go through natural menopause. I do keep getting cysts on ovaries though, the surgeon just said if it became a problem he would remove that too at a later date. Having said that the ovary that is good enough to keep is completely stuck to my uterus so I have said they can just take it if it's easier.

If I wasn't keeping an ovary I think I would go straight for HRT. I don't fancy sudden menopause either.

I hadn't really thought too much about prolapses or urinary problems.

I am a carer for my special needs child so I will get my husband to take 2 weeks off and then take up all offers of help from anyone who offers! For a further 4 weeks as I am hoping the standard 6 weeks will be enough.

I am not normally the best at accepting help but have realised if I want hysterectomy I'm going to have to.

Hope it all goes well for you.


Hi I'm 4 weeks post op from having removal of cervical stump, ovaries and tubes and excision of endometriosis. I felt fantastic for the first few days but unfortunately the glue came off one of my incisions and it became infected resulting in me having sepsis and causing me to be readmitted to hospital. I'm sure if it wasn't for that I would have felt pain free for the first time in years. I was however really emotional after the op and the doctor put me on a low dose of HRT the next day. Not sure if this was because id had my uterus removed 2 yrs prior. Anymore apart from the on going problems with the infection I feel fantastic. I will be having longer than 6 weeks off but that is because I work in theatres myself and do 12 hr shifts. Hope this helps xxx

Thank you every one for your replies! really put my mind at ease! I think that its too easy to focus on the horror stories but you sound like it was a good decision.

I am 42 - going to be 43 soon. I was thinking about keeping 1 of my ovaries - but this morning 1 of them is playing up and throbbing. I am just tiered of being in pain and taking pain killers. My op date is in 2 weeks! so will make a decision about my ovaries by then. But to be honest I think I will have them removed.

Thank you once again and I hope you are all well.



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Good luck Hun you'll be just fine . Keep us updated.

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