How long did you have a mirena before it stopped working?

I have had one for 3.5 years but recently I have been getting more pain and bleeding more, so I wonder if it's time for a new one or perhaps it's just time for another lap...

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  • i'm still waiting for mine to work at all - its been almost a year xxx

  • I hope it works for you soon, I think mine took about a year to five any benefit. I am so glad I kept with it though as I really notice the difference.

  • I had mine a year b4 any trouble happend, it was grate till a year later I stared bleeding then couldnt stop so 5 months later had it taken out thay said the mirena might hav made the endo worse :(( if thay think this why didn't thay till me be b4 cus I wouldn't of had it :((

  • i had the coil fitted last year and waited for at least nearly 6 months to work but constantly in pain and bleeding all the time so i begged my emergency gynae to take it out of me.... i had it twice with the coil and the first time i had it and i suffered infection and it didnt clear up and took it out by the GP and then it cleared up in the end and i tried to avoid it until the GP asked what do i want to do and i thought i try it again and look what happened last year!!! so if it giving you pains and then take it out if i were you!!! now i am on the mini pill... it works some of them and i am on my last mini pill to see if it works and i am on the 3rd month it seems to be better but i am having tad pains like period pains but no bleeding yet so far... for the last 2 months i bled for 9 or 10 days solid!! it left me very tired and weak (no energy at all) especially when i am working and awfully tired all the time... so it up to you how you feel xx

  • Mine stopped working after 18 months after having it fitted for endometriosis.

  • I think mine decreased in effectiveness significantly towards the three year mark. Not much increase in bleeding but increase in pain.

  • Hi all, I found this thread when searching how long lasting the Mirena is, as I am suffering from the return of endo pain on my third year of having it. I'm wondering if its because it needs replacing, or is it that my body is fighting the affects of it and the endo is taking over in a sense? I'm hoping thats not the case and its as simple as needing a new Mirena coil?

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