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Mirena Coil How Long Before Periods Stop?


Hi there, a question for those who have had success with the mirena. How long after insertion did your periods stop. Was it sudden or a gradual tail off?

Many thanks.

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I'm currently in month 4 with mine, due to start month 5.

For the first three months I had bleeding constantly which was frustrating. But from month 4 onwards I have had light bleeding for one week only so it's more like my natural cycle (but a lot lighter). I seem to be bleeding less as time goes on.

I was despairing of the constant bleeding in the first four months but would say that it's worth being patient with.


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Thanks for your honesty - I had a Mirena put in two weeks ago - i have been bleeding for two months - I was kind of expecting that things would have stopped by now - obviously I have plenty of weeks to go :-(

I've had mine for 5 years (now looking at a 2nd laporoscopy because the symptoms are back - specialist recommended getting it changed every 4 years instead in hindsight to manage the symptoms better) and it totally changed my life. No pain for the first 3-4 years with periods at all; however, my periods never stopped (which can happen, be warned). I still have bleeding for a full week. That being said, they are so much lighter than they were and I barely notice them now because the pain is so manageable.

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Many thanks both for sharing. I'm in week four have bled heavily since insertion and operative lap. Today i had sudden agonising stabbing abdo pain this morning that crippled me. Pain like I have never had before and suddenly I seem not to be bleeding as much. Wondered if it was a sign of it stopping.

Tbh side effects and perpetual bleeding at present are worse than my symptoms were. I need a deep RV module excision for relief I fear.

When the first one was inserted it took up to six months for the periods to taper off. The second one, no change, the lack or light periods were maintained and I'm waiting for an appointment for a third one which should take me to menopause. (I'm 48).

Hi had merina coil for years always had periods. my doctor told me not everones periods stop.

I had one for 6 months (had to have it removed due to severe cramps which just got worse). The only bleeding I had was some very light spotting about 4 weeks in. If I remember the booklet correctly I think something like 70% of women find their periods stop within 6 months, and after 12 months 90% of users will be period-free. That does of course mean 10% will still have periods.

I would try to give it time though, ideally 6 months, as side effects are common with most methods for 3-6 months. Obviously though that depends on how severe the side effects are.

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I know your post was a little while ago but I am part of this group thing and was searching about pain after having the coil inserted.

I had mine fitted 7 days ago and the pain is like something I haven’t ever experienced before.

Why did they say they were removing yours? And was your pain really bad?

I have stage 4 endometriosis.

R xo

barbie86 in reply to Rachiiee

Hi, I chose to have mine removed as the pain wasn't improving and I was advised that if it hadn't improved after 6 months it was unlikely it would. The pain was pretty bad ie stopped me going to work/university a few times.

7 days is extremely early stages though so.I would give it at least a few months. Do see your doctor if concerned though or the laon is very bad to make sure it is still in place etc

Giji in reply to Rachiiee

I looks like we're on the same timetable. I had mine done 2 weeks ago tomorrow for fybroids. The fybroids were confirmed after I had a blood test in preparation for surgery (tonsils had to come out). When I was toing and froing to the docs for that they said it was a good idea to get the smear test up to date. Boy that hurt. Even the nurse that did that said I looked pale afterwards and asked if I was alright. The blood test had me sent to Gyno and at one point had mixture of appointments between Ent and Gyno. DId the Gyno scan which was OK but found the fybroids and they booked me in to see the consultant. I wasn't prepared for him to say they could put the coil in then and there so no way so soon after surgery which had complications too. Anyway rebooked it for the next month.

When I got my head around it all I went back to get the coil inserted and consultant wanted to rescan me so she did and that wasn't painful but certainly very uncomfortable and then she asked if I wanted the local anaesthetic so obviously I said yes to that .The local went in and then shortly after the coil and the consultant was like that's it. It was bleeding for a few hours after, then a few days clear , then a heavy period which was earlier than usual and when I was away for the weekend.

I think its too soon to tell if its working or not so I am going to bear with it for a few weeks. After all it is a foreign object in your system which takes a bit of getting used to. The consultant said back for follow up in 6 months but if it doesn't settle its surgery for me to remove the fybroids which I do not really want having already had 2 surgeries in the last 3 years so I hope the coil will work.

Hi, I was perimenopausal - in fact periods only got bad when I had to stop taking the pill at 50! However, the mirena was the best things I ever did. By about 3 months my periods were much lighter, and gone by 6 months. Then I had over 6 pain-free years - the mirena can stay in longer once you are over 60. However, I had mine removed about 8 months or more ago, and I'm wondering if the endo is coming back - although ,my GP insisted it was impossible. I would wait a few months and see how it goes, but if it works for you I would have it renewed and try to get the last possible-one, - age wise - before they start saying you are too old to have one!

Thanks everyone. It's getting hard to tell what is post op and what mirena side effect. I am white and shake all the time. I'm in Tenerife on holiday and have just begged my husband to get me home early as I feel so unwell. This is my big favourite holiday of the year.

Hi all- I am very curious about everyone's experience! I had my 2nd lap, full excision surgery for stage II endo at the BEST place in the US- Center for Endo Care in Atlanta with Dr Sinervo on 10/11/16. He thought I had strange periods besides the endo (expel a lot of tissue- decidual cast and clots) with SEVERE cramps during each period and suggested I get the Mirena during surgery. I declined bc I wanted to know separately what was recovery from surgery vs side effects of the Mirena (and insurance reasons). Sadly I just had my 3rd period post-surgery and it is still AWFUL! Still labor-like pains with tons of tissue, clotting and heavy bleeding. So I am getting the Mirena tomorrow. So sad as I was hoping surgery would fix everything. I have tried all other types of oral bc and progesterone pills and they all made me bleed like a stuck pig for months on end. Praying the Mirena doesn't have the same effect! Really curious how long it took every to stop bleeding constantly- seems like 3-6 mo is the norm if you have success... haha, is it worth it? I just want to be better already :/

It's typically 3-6 months for the benefit of a Mirena to kick in.My periods didn't cease but are so much more manageable. Also pain-free. I'm waiting for an appointment for my next Mirena and looking forward to the continued benefit it's given me 😊

Thank you so much littlebrownbird ! I'm really glad to hear of your success story. I'd be really happy just to be pain-free- it doesn't matter if the periods completely stop or not. Also Starry please keep us posted! I'm worried and hope your symptoms stop soon- let us know how you make out!

Hi Lithofairy

The other change I made was to stop using tampons. First I switched to san towels then to a Fleurcup.

Meant I could go longer without a toilet stop also my periods were shorter as the Fleurcup collected the blood more quickly resulting in fewer period days.

Other cups are available but this one worked for me.

I was advised to stop using tampons as the chemicals used to bleach the cotton fibres can cause cramps/pain. All I know is that when I stopped using them the pain went away.

Thanks all. X

I moved to natracare organic bleach free cotton towels and tampons on first diagnosis which helped stop bladder ic flares but I've not used any tampons since the op as I can't face them. No idea what a fleur cup is.

Wishing id agreed only to 1 thing at a time lithofairy that was a smart move.

No further extreme pain attacks thank heavens but struggling badly with worst ever exhaustion,more than pre the op, feeling cold ( in Tenerife 21 to 24 degrees) getting the shakes and tearful.

Just cut my disastrous holiday short to fly home and try to get well enough to start new role at work. Everything is horrendous. Really don't know if i can cope.

Lithofairy sorry to hear that. A Fleurcup is a type of silicone menstrual cup. So easy to use, details here:


In the meantime, I would ask for an emergency referral back to the specialist for further assistance and treatment.

Good luck x

Hey littlebird I've been using the moon cup now for 2 years. Same thing as yours. Never will go back to Tampax

Thank you so much littlebrownbird ! It's true, I also stopped using tampons as soon as my endo started to flare up- before I knew I had it 7 years ago- I could tell right away that having anything in there made the cramps so much worse. I have been using pads ever since. I considered menstrual cups but was still afraid of cramps with them. But I suppose the silicone is pretty soft? Starry I am sooooo sorry!! I am also too familiar with cutting holidays short it's the worst! My poor dear boyfriend just put up with me not being able to commit to holiday plans till last minute but we made the best and had an awesome time when we could. Then at the end I'm stuck in a super nice hotel in excruciating pain, on a lot of meds, collapsing in the elevator. Somehow I made it through. Today is the 2nd day after getting the Mirena (that was still from my period pain alone) and I am SO sore! Still taking pain meds. So frustrated. Really hope it settles down soon. I keep trying to move around as sometimes that helps but a lot of stabbing pains taking my breath away. I'm going to give it a couple more days to see if it settles. Please take care @Starry that really worries me about your shakes! I sooo hope it lets up for you soon!

Hi Lithofairy

Yes the Fleurcup silicone is so soft once you get the knack of inserting it, it stays put, and tbh I don't feel mine, until it's time to remove it.

I remember those stabbing pains, but happily I have been pain free since my first Mirena bedded in, in 2007, the second was inserted under general anesthesia when I went in for day surgery for a colposcopy and D&C in 2011(I had abnormal smear tests for years and was on six monthly tests) and this last Mirena is at the end of its life but I think it's been expelled in a very heavy period a month ago, so I'm having an internal ultrasound (transvaginal US) to see what's going on, so flooding type periods but absolutely no pain.

Hope things settle for you soon.

Thanks littlebrownbird ! I will consider the cup. Glad you have had success with the Mirena, but I am nervous about expulsion too- so that just happened to you? I sure hope it was expelled rather than migrated somewhere else. Good luck with the ultrasound- I heard X-rays can also spot them? Hope you can get it all figured out and the bleeding as well.

I'm on day 3 now, hopefully the Mirena pain subsides but now I'm super nauseous and can't eat breakfast at the moment. I hope that passes too.

All best and thanks for all your input!

Hi Lithobird thanks x

I made it back to the UK now and am relieved as I had no repeats of the horrific stabbing pains that made me bail. They hit me each time I tried to make a step I looked like a crab trying to get back to the car it was bizarre. It lasted about half a day and must have been the first post op period though the bleeding that day was less than for weeks. The bleeding has finally lessened further to spotting. I risked going back to a panty liner today and I'm feeling better in myself too .

Hoping I may be through the worst and grateful I have a day or two before going back to work Friday.

Hope you are starting to feel better x

Just for any future people who see this , I removed my coil at 5 months and sadly it was the cause of the niggly pelvic pain, which was a shame as it worked very well in stopping my periods.

For me daily niggly pain wasn't really better than once a month bad pain though so on balance the trade off wasnt right for me.

But it is well worth trying out as it very nearly worked.

Hi i had my coil august lastyear and my periods was really bad every month like norm for a week but they was really heavy this month its strange for me as i started spotting n then come on proper for 1 day but was only light n then yesterday i came off n still aint come back on so dont no what going on haha xx

i've had the mirena for around a year now. my periods have never stopped. they may come every 3 months and be lighter.

however I have been with my current partner for almost 6 months now and my periods have come almost on a monthly basis! and recently I had 2 in one month and 1 lasting 3 weeks

I wondered if my body was trying to tell me something as it was now having sex on a regular basis. i'm only 42 so surely it can't be the menopause?

Starry in reply to tmct

I'm 43. Its extremely unlikely to be menopause. I thought the same initially. Have to say it was only having the risky excision surgery that returned my cycle to something resembling normal so I reckon my severe RV endo tumor was producing hormones and disrupting everything as some research suggests is possible.

I read your body also can adjust to the progestogen over time leaving you needing more. Also the amount of hormone in the coil starts to reduce in efficacy over its 5 year lifetime. I read elsewhere of people needing them changed after 2 years or taking a top up mini pill to get back to where they were. If your cycle has changed I would go back to your specialist for further investigation and see what can be done. Xx

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