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I've had two laps in the last 2 years consultant has asked me to think hard about my quality of life as hysterectomy may be the only option now. I'm 32! I'm 10 months post op and still suffering but have started to have severe pain on my left side of my tummy and experiencing terrible discharge is this normal? Could this be a sign of a cyst (I have the coil fitted).

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I'd ask your gp to test for infection if you are having a discharge thats not normal- is it the mirena coil you have? if so the pain could be your body rejecting it. I had that and the pain was the worst i have ever had bar my cyst bursting I'd also be inclined to ask for 2nd opinion a hyst at 32 is nothing to be taken lightly at all it's also not a CURE for endo - do you know what grade your endo is? if you have endo on other organs like your bladder or bowel a hyst will not remove that and due to your age they would either have to leave your ovaries in or put you on HRT both of which can keep endo tissue active and still cause you pain. There is a group of us on facebook facebook.com/groups/1686912... who all support each other if you wish to join if you need any further support or have questions drop me a private message hope what I have said helps

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