In the last 4 months I've been placed on over half a dozen different prescriptions and nothing seems to be working, I'm living off hot water bottles and they're scarring my skin, but without them it's unbearable. Im also paying for acupuncture at £34 a shot because I'm desperate for some relief. I'm a teacher and I'm struggling to get through the days at school. I feel like I'm getting no quality of life and it's compromising my quality at work and I'm worried my children will be robbed of the education they deserve cos I'm scraping myself through the days. It doesn't help that im an NQT and I've got management breathing down my neck left right and centre. To go on the sick is out of the question as wer due ofsted any week now. I just feel stuck on how to get any pain relief. I've even been on the endo diet since Xmas to no luck. Does anyone have any advice into effective pain management? I'm running out of options.


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  • Have you ever tried Naproxen?

    It's a painkiller and an anti-inflammatory, thats what i use for the pain, or a tens machine

  • I'm on naproxen and it's just nt helping. What is a tens machcine? What does it do?

    I'm jut desperate I want to just fall asleep for days at a time so that I don't have to feel the pain xxx

  • Oh, i take naproxen and it kinda helps but when my pains really bad it doesnt and i dont really want to go back to taking tamadol.

    follow this link for information on a tens machine

    I find it works for me xx

  • So did you buy the tens machine from this link? Xx

  • Yeah i was told about it when i went and saw the doctor about my back pain and they said its alll linked in with my endo so told me to give it a trial, i found it work and so brought one from the link and i still use it to help to control the pain, I also use it whilst im at work, you can attach it to your trouser belt or put it in your pocket. xxx

  • Then does your doctor tell you what setting to use? Xx

  • no my doctor doesnt. you just choose the setting your comfortable with then slowly change the setting as and whene you need to xxx

  • I'm going to look in to getting one ASAP x

  • I would, they are defiantly worth it, I brought mine for my endo and cz I have muscle spazams in my lower back and shoulders. I find it really works for my pain xxx

  • Hey, I've struggled with different pain management. I know take a 12hr slow release Tramadol called Tramadol hydrochloride, its a modified release and helps all day and night but i also take normal Tramadol with it when pain spikes, its not ideal when in work though i must admit i do occasionally get drowsy but it does take the edge off a little. i also use a heat pad instead of hot water bottles, i am still scarring from excessive use of applied heat but the heat pad is much better than filling a bottle up all the time plus as its more like a blanket you can really mold it around you which is great!

    Sorry to hear you're in a really tough position, I can only imagine how hard it must be to be a teacher with endo. I work in insurance but I am very lucky as my employer is goes out of its way to help staff with long term illnesses but its still hard with long hours etc. To be honest trying to juggle a full time job with this disease is so hard, its a cruel thing, it attacks you from all sides, pain, fatigue, immune system and then from all the worries that feeling like that when you realize you have to carry on like an able bodied person does comes the depression and stress. It's a nightmare, just know you are not alone.

  • My doctor is thinking of putting my anti depressant dosage higher cos of how low im feeling cos it's constant pain every single day. It's just awful. I'm dreading work tomorrow cos I just know what's coming and the days are just kong and exhausting. I feel like I sometimes want to just fall asleep and not wake up cos when I sleep it's the only time I feel no pain. Thank you for listening to me and talking to me xx

  • Thats ok lovely, i know how you feel especially with the wanting to sleep non stop thing! If you are feeling really low you should definitely up the dose of antidepressants, i did for a few months and ive only just gone back down my 10mg. I find talking to people who know what we are going through really helps and venting alot! I know you have a job that really does depend on you being in but it sounds like you're running dangerously close to having taken as much as you can take at the moment. I would suggest having a serious talk with the doctor about how you are feeling not just about the pain, explain the stresses you are under with worrying about work, you'll make yourself even more poorly, I got signed off work for a week when i felt like that a while back and just shut the world out, stayed in bed, took my pain meds and just got some rest. I think it could do you the world of good. I also try things like reflexology which i find really calming and also light yoga, yoga that focuses more on calm and inner peace than exercise! x

  • I'm phoning my docs first thing in the morning to see about getting some help. And reflexology? I've not really heard of that. I'll have to research it. The yoga I really want to do it's the fear of going to a class where I won't know any1 and do the moves wrong, Ive lost so much confidence in myself.

    I get a week off for half term in 5 days so I'm gonna scrape myself through to Friday then assess the situation from there. Thank you so much again lots of love xx

  • I don't go the the classes I quite self conscious like that too! I watch yoga with Adrianne on YouTube and do her videos at home, she's fab! She even has videos for when you're on your period and easing cramps etc, admittedly sometimes I can't do some moves as it can still be painful but I just miss those bits, YouTube search yoga for relaxation too :) reflexology os much better than it sounds trust me :) and ok lovely well I wish you the best with making it to your week off but make sure you schedule in some massive you time into that week! Xx

  • Thank you so much for talking to me, it's been so tough and I feel like im talking to ppl who understand. Thank you xxx

  • No problem lovely, we are all on here to help each other by sharing experiences. If you ever want to talk feel free to message me I tend not to sleep very well lately so I'll be available most times! Anyway, I hope you get some rest and much needed you time to put things into perspective, this is a horrible disease and you need to make sure you look after yourself xx

  • Just wanted to say that I'm a teacher and know how difficult it is with endo! If you ever want to talk about it, please message me, I know exactly what you are going through!!

    Sylvia xxx

  • Hi - I am so so sorry! I am a teacher as well and know how horrible this disease and the pain can be. I started taking Duloxetine 10 mgs a day and after 4 weeks have no pain! I have had pain that did not respond to anything - not herbs, acupuncture, drugs, 2 surgeries, etc. BUT I finally found the dulozetine and it worked so well. My first period on it I only had to take acetomenophen! Give it a try - it may take 6-8 weeks to kick in but mine only took 3 weeks. I am ALWAYS here for you :-)


  • Thank you so much, that means a lot xx

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