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Pain pain pain pain pain

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Just a big hello to everyone living with pain every hour of every day. I wake up in pain, live in pain, get into bed in pain and do it all again the next day. I'm in pain after I eat, when I use the bathroom, during and after sex and then my actual period makes me completely useless for the entire week during and several days either side. It's been like this since I was 12. Diagnosed with endo via a lap at 23. Surgery/coil/pill so on and so forth. But here I am at 28 with this pain all day every day regardless. Always exhausted, always nauseous, always emotional. I am happy because I have a wonderful life and so so so very much to be thankful for. But I know I'm not the only one who has gut-wrenching, physically draining, mind numbing pain as a big part of my life and I just wanted to say hello to all of you literally feeling my pain right now. No advice needed, none to give, just a little window into my experiences which you already know all too well. Love to you all Xxx

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Hey sweetheart hello,You’re life sounds like I could actually be you’re twin!

I was the same from 11 heavy periods in &out of hospital etc etc etc

Felt like my life was a dream and I’d wake up but I eventually stated to get help...

And I mean Docters and chatting to people

And I got the depo injection

Pro strap )


You’re Docters for

It hun

It’s changed my life

Read some

Of my other posts

Please if you ever need a chat I am here

You sound an amazing person and we’re all beautiful in ways we don’t see

But I am sure you will maybe start to feel better if you discus this injection

With the GP surgery and the gyno clinic

It takes 1-3 to

Realy work but it stops the periods & helps with the endodemetrious ending up and it’s great

I’m here if you need a chat anytime ok

Take care sweetheart

Kaiyya. X

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Thank you so much for your lovely reply, I will definitely look into this injection! Thank you for this info 💜 Xxx

Hey, like you just saying hi to another Endo warrior! I feel your pain every day, tried everything and still in pain, maybe hopefully a little bit less after my op two weeks ago but too early to tell....fingers crossed that it's a bit easier going forward but, already I know it's not been fully sucessful as some pain hasn't gone. It's still there even right now as I type this. Have to go back to work soon. They are all expecting me to be cured and a healthy happy person, how can I hide the fact I am still in daily pain! Not sure how much longer they will put up with this. Just don't know if I will still be in a job this time next year. Oh well such as life. Like you, I have a wonderful husband and a beautiful son that I am so lucky to have. He is my ray of golden happy sunshine and keeps me going. Lots of love to you. Stay strong sister Endo warrior XX

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Thank you so much fellow warrior! I feel what you say about work, I never did find a job that understood, we all wear a mask don't we? A face that says 'I'm ok' instead of the true 'I'm suffering'. I hope this surgery works for you... it took about 3 months for mine to settle down, I hope for a painless life for you 💜 Xxx

This resonated so much with me. We suffer through so much and still manage to persevere - it’s really amazing what we can do while experiencing so much pain. I almost find that I forget sometimes that pain isn’t a normal part of life. Sometimes I’ll just look at my boyfriend and ask him ‘wait so you actually have no pain right now, none at all?’ Mind boggling that people walk around every day pain free lol

My God this is so true. I do forget what a normal life should feel like... imagine switching bodies with someone else for a day. I don't know whether I'd be happy or heartbroken? Happy to feel ok for once or heartbroken to know I had to go back... This is not an easy life 💜 Xxx

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